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Message from the CEO Sansiri Public Company Limited

Thursday , 19 March 2020 NEWS

Message from the CEO
Sansiri Public Company Limited
The people of Thailand, as well as people throughout the world, are facing unprecedented public health and safety challenges from the novel coronavirus disease 2019 or COVID-19 that have significantly affected the way people live their lives. With this letter, as the Chief Executive Officer of Sansiri Public Company Limited and Plus Property Co., Ltd., I would like to announce measures which have now been put in place to ‘protect’, ‘care for’ and ‘manage’ COVID-19 situations in all of our premises, all to ensure peace of mind for our valued Sansiri Family members, colleagues, customers, business partners, as well as each and every one of our stakeholders.
First things first, I would like to extend my sincere concern to everyone whose life has been directly and indirectly affected by this global pandemic. To those who have tested positive with the illness, I pray for your speedy and full recovery. To the hard-working doctors, nurses and medical professionals who have worked tirelessly since the outbreak of COVID-19 to protect the wellbeing of Thai people, my support and prayers are with you. We, the people of Thailand, will forever be thankful for your sacrifices and dedication to minimizing the impact of COVID-19 on Thai society.
I believe that, with over 100,000 Sansiri Family members nationwide in our care, SANSIRI and PLUS can also contribute to making Thailand safer from COVID-19. If we can effectively keep all families in our care away from the disease, we are doing what we can to help this country in its fight against the virus. Therefore, to ensure optimum peace of mind and minimize health risks for our valued Sansiri Family members, we have, since January this year, put in place the following measures to ‘protect’, ‘care for’ and ‘manage’ COVID-19 situations in all of our premises.
  • Protect’ Measures: We have increased both the scopes and efficiency of sanitization systems in our sales offices and projects to cope with the growing pandemic since January 2020. Those systems include regular spraying of disinfectant, regular cleaning of public areas every 1-2 hours, face mask giveaways, provision of sanitizing hand gels in public areas; and, thermo-scanning of incoming residents and visitors. All officers are required to be thermo-scanned, put on a face mask and wash their hands every time before they perform their duty.
  • Care For’ Measures: We have included Health Services, Cleaning Services, as well as Food and Merchandise Ordering Services, in our Home Service Application, to make life during this challenging time easier, safer and convenient for our Sansiri Family members. Such services include spraying of disinfectant in private properties and the ‘Virtual Hospital’–the free-of-charge online medical consultancy service and free medical supplies delivery with a special 20% discount on medicine costs from Samitivej Hospital.
  • Manage’ Measures: For any residents required to live in isolation for 14 days in any property under our care, we have devised a number of measures to help make their time in isolation easier and safer both for themselves and other residents. Should any of them test positive with COVID-19, we can also provide protective transportation measures that minimize the impact on other residents. 
Similarly to the utmost care we have for our customers, we also place great importance on our colleagues at SANSIRI and PLUS, because they too are important members of the Sansiri Family. In addition to the preventive and protective COVID-19 measures aforementioned, we have also established a special unit tasked with providing professional advice on how to practically and mentally deal with fears that come with the pandemic for any of our colleagues in need of guidance. Additionally, we provide free-of-charge COVID-19 testing service from a leading hospital for any colleagues at risk of being infected with the virus.  
With all of these active and passive COVID-19 measures in place, all of us at Sansiri Public Company Limited and Plus Property Co., Ltd. wish to demonstrate that we are doing everything we can to ensure optimum peace of mind for each and every one of our Sansiri Family members – whose satisfaction matters so much to us. 
#SansiriCare  #เพราะเราห่วงใย

Mr. Apichart Chutrakul
Chief Executive Officer
Sansiri Public Company Limited

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