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Sansiri and Plus Property reaffirm leadership in living innovation Investing 60 million baht to drive "LIV-24", the most advanced security service in the property business aiming at delivering optimal living experience for Sansiri residents

Wednesday , 09 October 2019 NEWS

Sansiri emphasizes its leadership in creating living innovation, joining hands with Plus Property to drive LIV-24, a 60-million-baht investment of the first and only full-scale security management with 24-hour, real-time control center in the Thai property industry. The new service is equipped with upgraded features build upon previously launched Smart Command Center, with service coverage expanded from common area to residential area of the property, by connecting Intrusion Alarm to alert when the intruder is detected and Smart Meter system to monitor water supply and electricity usage in residences. In 2020, Sansiri aimed to expand the service to cover 47 projects, as part of its commitment to bring optimal living security and providing the highest level of satisfaction for Sansiri residents.

Dr. Tawicha Trakulyingyong, Chief Technology Officer, Sansiri Public Company Limited, said that “Sansiri continues to leverage advanced technology to unlock the efficiency of business driving, covering from product development, process optimization to service creation. Our technology ambition is recognized by the recent winning the first prize of the National Innovation Awards 2019 in innovative enterprise for large business category from the National Innovation Agency (NIA).  To reinforce our pioneering role model as innovative organization, Sansiri plans to bring technology for the future such as Facial Recognition, storage system and facial recognition of people visiting the property, Sansiri's First Smart Home Model that combines technology to offer living convenience, safety and energy saving, as well as enhance the quality of life of the residents, and new Digital Security Service, to replace existing security system of Sansiri's housing and high-rise projects within the 4th quarter of 2019.”
“In the past year Sansiri is fully committed to completing our customer's living experience, based on the concept of ‘A House that’s More than a Home', especially in the area of 'safety', which is one of the top 5 factors that customers consider when purchasing Sansiri projects. Throughout the 9 months after its launch, the Smart Command Centre is able to provide Preventive Maintenance measure by detecting 21 unusual incidents within the project with CCTV so that corrective actions can be taken, and alerting 13 cases of preventive maintenance of various systems within the building with IoT technology before the system was damaged, which save maintenance expense by over 1 million baht.  It also reflects the concrete success.  The system also won the National Innovation Award in Service Design category from the National Innovation Agency (NIA).

The Centre has proven to provide positive results. Moreover, we received an overwhelming response from the residents who bought Sansiri projects, especially The Line Asoke-Ratchada, the first full-featured smart condominium in the Thailand with the most advanced and comprehensive safety technology, which now achieve 100% ownership transfer. Therefore, we decided to invest over 60 million baht to transform the Smart Command Center to 'LIV-24', a new business unit of Plus Property, to deliver more advanced industry-defying standard of safety technology, with aim to raise the bar of safety in living and to provide the highest level of satisfaction for Sansiri residents, covering 47 of Sansiri's projects by 2020," said Dr. Tawicha.

According to Phatsareephak Srikanchananon, Head of Operations, LIV-24, Plus Property Co., Ltd., “In 2020, LIV-24, a new business unit under the Property Management business of Plus Property, will be integrated into Security Monitoring and IoT Facility Management systems, with service coverage expanded from the common areas to residential areas of the property in Sansiri housing projects.  New features include Intrusion Alarm to alert when an intrusion is detected in housing projects, and Smart Meter, a monitoring and alerting solution to detect unusual water supply and electricity usage in high-rise projects. We also plan to expand the team of experts to a total of 10 people to support the expansion of Sansiri's new customer base in the future.”

LIV-24 provides security monitoring service from 24-hour real-time control center fully connected to building security and control system. It sets a new standard in Thai real estate industry as the first and only safety service in Thailand to provide ‘preventive maintenance’ measure for building engineering system management and ‘professional monitoring’ with the ability to fix problems immediately when the incident occurs. Key benefits of the system for legal persons and residents of Sansiri projects are: significant cost-cutting in building maintenance, especially on spare parts and complicated machine, as well as cost of hiring maintenance personnel, which translates to more efficient common area management; as well as the saving of repair cost incurred from unlikely causes. This simply provides Sansiri residents with peace of mind and helps complete their living experience.

“Sansiri and Plus Property is confident that LIV-24 is a high-performing 24-hour real-time security control service, a pioneer of full-scale security and building management in the Thai real estate industry, which will spur a major transformation in the standard of building and residential security technology in Thailand, and a key element to help Sansiri's residents rest assured of living with safety and peace of mind,” concluded Dr. Tawicha.

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