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Sansiri collaborates with VON SUGUNNASIL to design YOUniform

Thursday , 31 March 2022 NEWS

  • Sansiri”, a leader in Thailand’s real estate business, partners with bespoke and ready-to-wear suit maker “VVON SUGUNNASIL” to design “YOUniform” as the new company-issued attire for Sansiri sales personnel.
  • The six iterations of the design ranging from formal to casual have been created under the “Genderless Collection” concept in which the innovative pattern reinforces equality, gender freedom, diversity of shapes and forms that impartially emphasise “Body Positivity”.
  • Also created were the breast pins made from a recycled material, which in this case were the acrylic scraps left over from Sansiri projects. This is another symbol of the determination to save Earth in a sustainable manner.
  • The move underlines the importance given to every “YOU”, including employees and customers, as the nucleus and inspiration for Sansiri to create more good things to reflect the year’s brand campaign of “YOU Are Made For Life”.
Ms Somruethai Prommachan, Brand Manager of Sansiri Public Company Limited, revealed, “Following the launch of the ‘YOU Are Made For Life’ marketing campaign that has contributed new excitement in the branding circle and Thailand’s real estate fraternity, we have been doing a lot of homework to reinforce our determination to give importance to every distinctive ‘YOU’ who consists of not only customers but also including employees, business partners and the society in the real sense of the words. Therefore, Sansiri joined up with ‘VVON SUGUNNASIL’, Thailand’s leading bespoke and ready-to-wear suit maker that has become the favourite brand amongst the new generation and has been well accepted in its modern and meticulous designs, and the superb cutting throughout the entire creative process to design “YOUniform” in six iterations from formal to casual styles under the “Genderless Collection” concept in which the innovative pattern reinforces equality, gender freedom, diversity of shapes and forms that impartially emphasise ‘Body Positivity’ taking into consideration silhouette, materials and pattern especially for our sales staff who are the YOU that Sansiri considers to be very important regardless of their gender, age and body shape, so as to not get stuck in the same old beauty standards to bolster confidence in welcoming, and taking care of customers in every segment, indiscriminately. Also, being stressed is the duty to care for Earth sustainably by making use of acrylic scraps left over from Sansiri projects, recycling them into breast pins for ‘YOUniform’ for Sansiri sales staff.”
For the creation of the “YOUniform”, Sansiri sales staff have participated in every step of the development process, from the insight into the attires most suitable for sales activities and that are friendly to the customers, all through to the final process of the development and adaptation of the new uniform. The three most interesting insights are “body positivity & comfortability” as members of the sales staff are varied and different in their body shapes, skin tones, gender and age. Thus, the uniform must help to enhance as well as to mask the shapes to promote confidence, and can be worn by all genders and ages. For “practicality”, the sales staff want uniforms that are really suitable for work and for natural body movements. This is also because for this year Sansiri has set a target to launch a total of 46 projects worth a total of 50 billion baht, covering single house, townhome and condominiums projects in every segment. As such, the uniform must be practically wearable indoor and outdoor and suitable for the weather in Thailand. The uniform must also be “customer-friendly”, in order to be seen as approachable and welcoming to customers in every segment, while also suitably reflecting Sansiri image. All these emphasises the concept of the new branding campaign that gives importance to being oneself – to reinforce the “YOU Centric” concept under the “YOU Are Made For Life” campaign.  
Mr. Thattavon Sugunnasil, founder and creative director of the VVON SUGUNNASIL brand, said “We work very closely with the Sansiri team to design ‘YOUniform’ to truly fulfill the day-to-day working needs of the staff and to be most approachable to customers. The inspiration was taken from the structure and the lines of architectural works that are simple yet full of details so as to be really functional while being elegant, comfortable and dignified at the same time. For the ‘formal’ iteration, we chose the colour tone that looks ‘modern & clean’ while the fabric appears to be slick, smart and sharp at the same time, matched up with dark blue tone on light-weight polyester fabric with slight sheen to the touch to project the elegant and modern look at the same time. This is matched with bright blue cotton shirt to present the image of being modern and trustworthy.
“For the ‘casual look’, we chose to use green tone fabric that looks refreshing, reflecting the inspiration from nature in trees and grass. At the same time, it is also the colour tone of the Sansiri brand that relates to the relaxed feeling. This is presented in the slightly voluminous form of the suit, although not to the point of being oversized but rather to drape over the form that emphasises comfort and warmth.”
Ms Somruethai added, “The collaboration between the leading brands in fashion and real estate stems from the reality that Sansiri and VVON SUGUNNASIL share many conceptualised ideas of beauty. Therefore, we give prominence to ‘Body Positivity’ in all six iterations of ‘YOUniform’ through the designs that both promotes and veils the forms for improved looks and confidence for all employees who are all shaped differently and definitely are not stuck in the old beauty standards. As such, we have chosen the fabric colours that would compliment all shades of skin tone of the employees while conforming to both official and unofficial Sansiri corporate identity. In this regard, the new Sansiri ‘YOUniform’ for sales staff have been designed on the basis of understanding the varied body shapes and suitable for actual work use making the brand seem more approachable and friendly to customers and our world of today.”
Directly view the new “YOUniform” for Sansiri sales staff under the “Genderless Collection” that have been inspired by the understanding and the celebration of the diversity of beauty of “YOU” today, at all Sansiri sales galleries.

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