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Sansiri H2 2020 Business Direction and Housing Evolution

Tuesday , 16 June 2020 NEWS

-SIRI is growing steadily despite market decline and a goal to be Thailand’s top property developer in terms of sales is one step closer to reality with at least 22 billion baht of sales at the end June—63 percent of a 2020 target at 35 billion baht.
  • -Satisfactory sales and conveyancing, particularly 18.2 billion baht of 5-month conveyancing value, have led to a change in estimated conveyancing value from 33 billion baht to 39 billion baht. 16.2 billion baht of secure backlog in conveyancing is confirmed and only 4.6 billion baht is needed to achieve the target.
  • -Conveyancing of horizontal projects (single house and townhomes) should drive H2/2020 revenue.
  • -Horizontal property and conveyancing for vertical projects (high-rise projects) are in focus for H2/2020—with 12 new projects valued 16.9 billion baht.
  • -Property trends in H2/2020 will lean towards a significant growth in single house and townhomes based on local and foreign demands. Owning a city center condominium for working days and a suburban house for weekends will be a rising trend. As Thailand is ranked first by GCI in terms of recovery, expats or foreign residents, especially Chinese, are also looking for a second house located in a country with safety and reliable public health system. A leasehold for international market is also in talks.
  • -“A Brand for Everyone” axiom and “Made for Life...Made for Everyone” concept are emphasized with new strategic flagship horizontal housing projects for H2/2020 under “Sansiri Housing Evolution” which highlights five housing evolutions to sustain the image as a top-of-mind brand for those seeking for a new house.
  • -Horizontal living project sales target is now increased to 18 billion baht with a goal to drive total sales to 120 billion baht in the next three years.  

Mr. Uthai Uthaisangsuk, Chief Operating Office, Sansiri Plc., revealed “Sansiri is able retain our leadership in the Thailand property industry as our sales are growing well against market decline and our sales target are now adjusted from 29 billion baht to 35 billion baht. Our conveyancing rate is still on a rise for both vertical and horizontal living projects with 18.2 billion baht of conveyancing so far with up to 16.2 billion baht of secure backlog. As of now, we are pleased to increase our conveyancing target from 33 billion baht to 39 billion baht and we believe we can meet the remaining 4.6 billion baht of conveyancing to reach our newly-set target. All aforesaid statistics prove confidence in the brand Sansiri as well as our position as a top-of-mind brand among homebuyers.”

For the rest of 2020, Sansiri is, and always will be, determined to develop best-in-class living projects complemented with a complete living lifestyle under a principle of Made for Life…Made for Everyone. Design flexibility, functions, built quality, and services are shared qualities of every living project by Sansiri. For upcoming projects, Sansiri is constantly monitoring both timing and business situations to ensure plans can be altered accordingly. For the second half of 2020, 12 new projects valued 16.9 billion baht are confirmed to be launched. All 12 new living projects comprise 10 single house and townhome projects valued 14.3 billion baht and two new condominium projects valued 2.6 billion baht. Attributes to ensure Sansiri will secure 35 billion baht of sales in this year include priority on horizontal projects as Strategic Flagship while maintaining sales and conveyancing for condominiums. In addition, four completed condominium projects namely The BASE Central Phuket, The BASE Saphanmai, XT Ekkamai, and
La Habana Hua Hin will be ready for conveyancing later this year.
“Sansiri believes demands from Thais and foreigners for horizontal living projects will significantly skyrocketed in the second half of this year since the trend to own a downtown condominium for convenience during weekdays and a suburban home for weekends is still rising fast. Furthermore, new-gen homebuyers tend to prefer single houses and townhomes. A behavioral change to embrace work from home have risen in the past few months. Many consumers nowadays also need more space to work, to ensure social distancing can be properly practiced if needed, as well as freedom in starting their own families. We are expecting for a recovery in demands from expats or foreigners. As a best-selling property brand among non-Thais, we see notable demands from foreigners particularly Chinese as they are hoping to own their second homes in a country with security and an excellent public health system. During the ongoing outbreak, Thailand has proven itself as a country with strength and efficiency in its healthcare system and Thailand is currently ranked second in the world and first in Asia in terms of recovery potential from COVID-19 according to Global COVID-19 Index. For convenience, we are going to appeal ourselves to expats or foreign residents who would like to od a leasehold for single houses and townhomes based on our leasehold model used at Burasiri San Phi Suea, Chiang Mai. Sansiri will also open for new opportunities and strategies to attract foreigners as well. With growth opportunities in horizontal housing market, Sansiri is pleased to present ‘Sansiri Housing Evolution’ which ensure our horizontal living projects will be developed will answer to needs of every consumer segment. 18 billion baht of sales from single houses and townhomes are anticipated and this should drive total sales of Sansiri to 120 billion baht by the next three years,” added Mr. Uthai. 
Mr. Arnut Kittikulmetee, Executive Vice-President for Low-Rise Project Development, Sansiri Plc., continued “For the first half of 2020, single houses and townhomes by Sansiri are ranked first in terms of sales. 13 projects were sold out with an estimated value of 13.5 billion baht in total. We will continue using horizontal projects as our Strategic Flagship for the rest of 2020 with 10 new projects. In details, two new Sansiri projects will be introduced along with a new Saransiri project, two single house projects under Setthasiri brand, four townhomes and mix products in Medium and Affordable segments under Anansiri brand and three Siri Place.”
For the second half of 2020, business direction of Sansiri’s horizontal living projects will be grounded on five core pillars based on insights of customers and our determination to set new living standards for the property industry entitledSansiri Housing Evolution”. The principles will set Sansiri on the path to become the single house market leader and listed in the top three developers in the townhome market. “Sansiri Housing Evolution” include the following aspects:
  • -Brand & Product: Sansiri never stops creating living projects for all lifestyles as “A Brand for Everyone.” Sansiri’s extensive research and project development is always based on real demands of customers in every segment and all projects are situated at strategic locations to meet demands of each category.
  • -Design: Sansiri’s layouts are always evolving and allow for multi-function to match with behaviors of customers who may spend more time at home. Many functional designs can be found to meet sophisticated needs under an “At Home Concept.” Hygienic measures and new additions for convenience like an outdoor handwash basin, an outdoor section to take off or put on shoes, as well as a larger mailbox to accommodate larger parcels are also utilized in accordance with trends like online shopping. In Q3/2020, new projects of Sansiri will be adapted to be a touchless society with executing an electronic Visitor Pass on Sansiri’s Home Service Application. A QR code will be generated and transfered to visitors so they can use the QR code as E-Stamps to scan at the entrance of the eligible residential projects. In addition to more outdoor, open-air space, shared facilities like clubhouses, fitness centers, and swimming pools will be spacious in design and well-ventilated with a touch of beauty. An axiom called Isolation Design is in use to increase both space and privacy. Automation sensors are also added in restrooms to reduce contact and increase proper hygiene.
  • -Service Intelligent: Sansiri sets new standards with living innovations tailored to meet all possible lifestyles. After-sales services cover security systems, two voice command systems namely Sansiri’s proprietary Home Service Application and Google’s Android-based Google Assistant. Sansiri Home Service Application is also preloaded with a Virtual Hospital feature and an upgrade to tele medicine is a promise for the future. Sansiri and ISPs additionally installed new routers to establish mesh Wi-Fi networks at home as well as at shared facilities to ensure every customer is well connected. 
  • -Green Living: Green space is a key design feature with Green Backyard at every house as well as centralized farms to actualize the concept of a Food Community with tools and knowledge-sharing sessions. Green Energy solutions are also gradually introduced to all horizontal projects. Sansiri has also affirmed its reputable waste management system with a complete cycle of separating, storing, clearing, and recycling waste right at each house. Recycle hubs at every project ensure waste will be properly managed from upstream to downstream with convenience, hygiene, and security. Sansiri’s waste management system will be introduced to more horizontal projects in due course.
  • -Security System: Sansiri’s customer insights revealed that they pay utmost attention to security with an equal weight to living quality. A security system with the use of technologies and engineering solutions called LIV-24 is now online and it is the first command center and system of its kind in Thai property industry. It combines on-site security officers and specialized Sansiri Security Inspection (SSI) to ensure 24/7 safety at all premises.

-“Sansiri Housing Evolution under Made for Life…Made for Everyone will be introduced at five Anasiri projects later this year and Sansiri is certain that this should perfectly match with living behaviors and the insights of customers. Our direction should strengthen the brand to ensure Sansiri can gain 18 billion baht in horizontal project sales—especially 6.4 billion baht we need to actualize the goal. Sansiri is determined to be a leading name in the single house market and one of the top three players in the townhome market in the next three years,” concluded Mr. Arnut.
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