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Sansiri shifts Thailand’s real estate standards with first-ever personalized CRM. "Siri Priority" launched with property investment consultant "RM" as highlight.

Wednesday , 07 February 2018 NEWS

Sansiri is on course to revolutionize Thailand’s real estate market with the introduction of personalized CRM strategy which, for the first time in Thailand, caters to property customers’ needs at the individual level. The personalized CRM debut has underlined Sansiri’s position as the country’s leading property developer that continues to fulfill customers’ living experience for more than 35 years. The new CRM strategy has been launched to enhance the company’s customer service through a consumer-centric perspective by placing emphasis on customers’ personalized requirements. Aiming to provide comprehensive services that go beyond those of traditional developers, Sansiri’s personalized CRM strategy will be spearheaded with “Siri Priority” – a one-stop property management program under the “Enrich Your Experience” concept which entails a highlight service intended for investment purpose, namely “RM (Relationship Manager)” or a specialist who acts as personal property investment consultant. Sansiri also looks to simultaneously deliver a broad spectrum of personalized CRM to all groups of customers through the new “Sansiri Family” program, and take its CRM to the next level with “e-CRM”, or an instant, convenient and all-in-one CRM platform that seamlessly aligns with the digitally-driven lifestyle of millennials.

Sansiri Public Company Limited, said “For 35 years, Sansiri has been delivering cutting-edge projects and services primarily to enhance the customers’ living experience. By assuming the consumer-centric perspective, we can collect the customers’ insights and realize that their needs and lifestyles have become more various and personalized in the modern day context. Consequently, Sansiri has implemented the personalized CRM strategy to enhance the edges of our service by exploring to the individual level and position Sansiri as the market shaper of the real estate industry at the same time. The personalized CRM strategy will be led by ‘Siri Priority’, a program which is tailored to meet both residential and investment-related expectations. One of the highlight services in ‘Siri Priority’, RM (Relationship Manager), is introduced for the first time in Thailand’s real estate market by Sansiri, and will pave a way for Sansiri to be perceived as a versatile property investment service provider.”

Siri Priority is an exclusive program under the “Enrich Your Experience” concept tailored for Sansiri customers who owns Sansiri property with potential investment opportunities and those who purchased Sansiri flagship property. It is resulted from the company’s vision of striving to become a versatile property investment consultant. Sansiri customers who are given the Siri Priority privilege include both self-dwelling and commercial entities. The program marks the first time in Thailand’s real estate history that customers will be supplied with a broad range of services designed primarily for investment purposes. Sansiri has designed the services by taking into consideration the customers’ lifestyle and investment habits. One of the highlight services in Siri Priority, RM (Relationship Manager), is a specialist who acts as personal assistance and consultant for the customer’s property investments. The RM will provide professional and optimized advice, as well as present statistics and research on related property aspects to help customers secure the right investments by making informed decisions. Customers will not miss any interesting investment reports and other noteworthy services with regular updates from the RM.

“Siri Priority was designed to facilitate a particular group of customers who tend to focus on real estate investment, especially business operators and owners whose nature of their business involve tight schedules and regular business trips. The RM will be appointed as their versatile assistance who can provide personalized services with all-round capabilities. Siri Priority was launched in December 2017 and has since received positive feedback with customers citing that it can address their needs in terms of convenience, timeliness and correlation with digitally-led lifestyle to increase efficiency in property management that leads to potential investment that meets one’s expectation in the future.”

In addition to Siri Priority, Sansiri extends the benefits of the personalized CRM strategy in the form “Sansiri Family”, or a wide variety of privileged experience exclusively for all Sansiri customers that fulfills their living experience. To celebrate the 35th anniversary of the company with more than 70,000 households, this year Sansiri has taken Sansiri Family to the next level via two major approaches, which are:

1) The launch of first eCRM in Thailand’s real estate market : The approach is set to make personalized CRM available in the digital platform by integrating it with Home Service Application for immediate and timely responses, perfect for millennials of whom digital is a significant part in daily life. The eCRM will feature the privileges and home management system together and represent Sansiri’s goal to make positive impression to customers since the first touch point. The While the eCRM will offer other privileges based on personalized needs of each household so that the customers will receive information, service and privileges that exactly cater to their requirements, it will also enable Sansiri to collect database and take customers’ suggestions for future improvement or possible new, effective functions at the same time. The eCRM will be available in March 2018.

2) Fulfill customers’ lifestyle through four major cores, including:
- Global connected/partnership – Following the partnership formation with a number of renowned Thai and international lifestyle businesses, e.g. Monocle, JustCo and The Standard, Sansiri aims to elevate the customers’ quality of life both inside and outside the residence. Sansiri customers will be invited to special events and given access to special privileges from Sansiri’s global partners. For example, benefits in co-working space booking at JustCo in Thailand and Singapore, subscription discounts for Monocle, etc.
Differentiate from others – Since Sansiri aims to treat its customers with exceptional and unique experience according to customers’ needs and lifestyles, the digital Lifestyle Living is set to be launched and feature Sansiri Urban Vibes, a lifestyle community on Instagram that entails personal guru or butler who will keep the users updated about must-visit hangout locations in Thong Lo-Ekamai neighborhood and many other areas in the future. Featured activities and contents will be specifically customized for the customers in each particular area.
- Beyond expectation – Sansiri provides its customers with remarkable experiences beyond imagination and special gifts from its renowned partners which are considered top-notch in their respective fields. The privileges will be held on a monthly basis through its new channel, Home Service Application, where the customers can personally filter down and pick the activities that best suit them.  
- Access the Inaccessible – Sansiri tends to fulfill every dimension of the customers’ living experience through lifestyle events which feature the world’s latest trends as a main theme in Bangkok and other cities because all customers matter no matter where they are.
“Sansiri’s objective is not just being an acclaimed developer. We aim to enrich everyone’s living experience with our profound understanding that each customer has own specific and personal needs. It is safe to say that development of Sansiri projects or services can no longer be done in the ‘One-Size-Fits-All’ approach. The personalized CRM strategy will be a leap for Sansiri in delivering the service that meets customers’ personalized requirements, especially those of investors, through Siri Priority, and for general customers’ through Sansiri Family. We will continue to utilize the strategy to deliver great customer experience, and expand to digital platforms to fulfill the living experience of our customers in all aspects,” 
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