The Company is aware of the significance of operating its business with the good corporate governance policy as well as supporting the responsibility for one’s position through transparency, fairness to all stakeholders and enhancing corporate competitiveness as a mean to preserving capital and adding value to shareholders’ equity in the long term. Corporate governance is a code of business ethics that protects various stakeholders and society as a whole, which is a crucial part of the sustainability.

Policy on Corporate Governance and Compliance with Good Corporate Governance
The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) issued its ‘Corporate Governance for Listed Companies 2017’, effective from March 2017, which contains 8 major principles. During the past year, the Company continually complied with these principles, the Board of Directors is determined to manage the business in compliance with good governance so that Company’s business is transparent, efficient, and responsible to all stakeholders. The Board is aware of its duties under such 8 major principles to apply each principle and sub-principle by means that are suitable for the Company’s. The Board therefore included corporate governance policies, a code of conduct and guidelines which prescribed in ‘Code of Conduct and Business Code of Ethics Handbook’ for a firm foundation for directors, executives and employees. Such policies and guidelines are regularly reviewed in line with current situations. Including follow-up to be upheld and adhered, also cultivate it into corporate culture as well.

Right of Shareholders
Equitable Treatment of Shareholders
Roles of the Stakeholders
Information Disclosure and Transparency
Responsibility of the Board of Directors
Anti-Corruption Policy
Supplier Code of Conduct
Sansiri Sustainable Development Policy
Tax Policy
Human Rights Policy
Environmental and Energy Conservation Policy
Stakeholder Policy
Biodiversity Policy
Corporate Social Responsibilities Policy
Enterprise-Wide Risk Management Policy
Policy on Investor Relations Activities
The Policy of Holding Directorship in the Listed Company and Quorum
Whistle-blowing / Non-compliance with laws or Corruption issue

Whistle-blowing / Non-compliance with laws or Corruption issue

The Company adherence to operate its business with integrity, ethics, transparency and responsibilities to social and all stakeholders in accordance with the good corporate governance, as well as not accept corruption of all forms, both directly and indirectly. The Company provide Channel to undertake whistle-blowing or file complaints any unlawful activities, rules, orders, regulations, corporate governance policy, business ethics and supplier code of conduct, provided that stakeholders can undertake whistle-blowing or file complaints with detailed evidence to the Company, we will strictly safeguard your information confidential, only responsible officers to the particular subjects are accessible to such information.

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  • 1. The following are available communication channels for report the Whistle-blowing / Non-compliance with laws or Corruption issue.

    1. via e-mail address to

    2. via postal mail addressed to one of
    the committees with the address stated below;

    - Chairman of the Corporate Governance Committee (Independent director)
    - Chairman of the Audit Committee (Independent director)
    - Company Secretary (Company Secretary Office/Legal Office)

    Address:Sansiri Public Company Limited
    59 Soi Rim Khlong Phra Khanong,
    Phra Khanong Nuea Sub-district,
    Vadhana District, Bangkok 10110

    3. via website

    Submit a Report

  • 2. Conditions and procedure of the whistle-blower and complainant

    (1) Nature/type of misconduct or unlawful activities, the details of whistle-blowing or complaints must be factual, clearly and sufficient to lead to investigation, for example; date of incident, where incident occurred, detailed of incident, source of information in order to investigate the inquiry.
    (2) The time required to process each complaint depends on the complexity of the case, document sufficiency, proofs received from the whistle-blower, the complainant or such co-operation, as well as documents, proofs, and explanations of the person complained against.
    (3) The damaged person will be assisted by proper and just procedures.

  • 3. Protection of rights of whistle-blower, complainant or such co-operation

    (1) The Company will effectively safeguard of whistle-blower, complainant or such co-operation’s information and strictly kept confidential, only responsible officers to the particular subjects are accessible to such information. However, the Company may not provide details of the investigation process or any disciplinary action taken if these are deemed to be private and confidential.
    (2) The whistle-blower, the complainant or such co-operation should disclose his/her name, address and telephone number(s) or other contact details which would help the Company to require additional information including reporting the investigation, factual revelation, or alleviation of the damage in a more convenient way and shorter time. However, the whistle-blower, the complainant or such co-operation may choose not to reveal his/her name, address, and telephone number(s).
    (3) If the whistle-blower, the complainant or such co-operation thinks that he/she is unsafe or threatened, he/she may ask the company for appropriate protective measures, or the company may proactively provide protective measures if there is potential damage or danger.
    (4) The Company will not unfairly treat employees or outsourced persons, due to they provide information, cooperation, assistance or any help to the Company to investigate the truth.
    (5) The Company is committed to ensuring that no Employees will suffer demotion or other adverse consequences, or incur any kind of penalty, for declining to pay bribes, even if this may cause the Company to lose its business opportunity.