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Sansiri launch 1,200MB Setthasiri Pinklao-Kanchana

Sansiri Public Company Limited indicated that Western zone of Bangkok has become a new hot zone blessed with the completion of Sirat-Outer Ring Road Expressway and Phrathep Road linking Ratchapruek to Buddhamonthon 4 roads.Sansiri further revealed that single houses priced at 10-19 million baht are selling well, with 60 percent of Setthasiri Charan-Pinklao already sold along with 50 percent of Narasiri Pinklao-Sai 1. The trend of high-end single houses is still doing well due to the construction of the government’s transportation infrastructure and the stable oil prices, resulting in the continuous growth in demand. The 1,200-million-baht Setthasiri Pinklao-Kanchana is now ready to satisfy the exclusive lifestyle in a close-knit community with only 74 units available. Transportation access is conveniently close – to Ring Road-Kanchanapisek, Sirat Expressway and Phrathep (Prannok-Buddhamonthon 4) Road. The first 12 ready-to-move-in units built on about 100 square wah of land near the entrance to the project are now available at prices starting from 15 million baht.
Sansiri Public Company Limited (SIRI), said that the housing market in the western area of Bangkok is becoming energised as a result of the completion of the Sirat-Outer Ring Road Expressway, suddenly offering more convenience for people living in the western area to easily access downtown Bangkok instead of getting stuck in traffic sometimes for hours as in the past. Also providing a big boost was the completion of Phrathep (Prannok-Buddhamonthon 4) Road which links Ratchapruek Road with Buddhamonthon 4 Road. This has sent the demand in the area sky-rocketing with high-end single houses costing 10-19 million baht selling especially well. In the first half of the year, the demand rose 65 percent to 1,053 units over the same period of the previous year. Second in terms of demand were single houses in the 7 to 9-million-baht range which saw the demand in the first half of the year rising by 40 percent to 1,468 units over the same period of the previous year.This phenomenon has resulted in very good response for Sansiri’s high-end projects in the area, especially with the two projects – Setthasiri Charan-Pinklao with 60 percent of the project sold, and Narasiri Pinklao-Sai 1 with 50 percent already sold.
“The western Bangkok zone is worth keeping an eye on in the real estate market because of the ease of transportation conveniently linking to the centre of the City on many routes, such as the Outer Ring Road, Boromratchonnanee Road and the Kanchanapisek Road that is the main route to the South, West, North and Northeast. Additionally, there is the Purple Line Rail Transit with its convenient connections. Also the zone is dotted with many lifestyle destinations such as Central Westgate, The Mall Bangkae, Pasio Park and Chrystal Ratchapruek. And with its suitability for residences, the demand has been constantly on the rise.
“To fulfill this demand, Sansiri is launching the 1,200-million-baht ‘Setthasiri Pinklao-Kanchana’ project to satisfy the peaceful lifestyle in an exclusive community with only 74 units and located near the Ring Road-Kanchanapisek, the Sirat Expressway and the Prannok-Buddhamonthon 4 (Phrathep) Road. The first phase with 12 units at the front of the project is ready for moving in today with the prices starting from 15 million baht. We expect that this is another project in the western zone of Bangkok that will be well received,” Sansiri said.
“Setthasiri Pinklao-Kanchana” project is located on 32 rai of land on Kanchanapisek Road. Every plot is at least 100 square wah in size, and the project has been designed under the theme “Urban Sanctuary – The Serenity of Living” in response to the lifestyle of those who long for a tranquil and simple life amidst the shady trees and colourful flowers. The elongated shape of the project made a very functional layout design an easy job. Individuality is emphasised in every zone, while entrance and exit to the project is very convenient from either Kanchanapisek Road or Buddhamonthon 2 Road.
The forward zone has the advantage of easy access and exit, while the zone near the clubhouse and the park is suitable for peaceful relaxation in the garden atmosphere. The layout design ensures that the project does not feel crowded, with some zones having only two units each – providing a high degree of privacy.
Furthermore, the project has carefully selected the special tiles to surface the façade of the houses. They are beautiful in the natural earth tone and are very simple to maintain. Their characteristics, aside from the ease of maintenance, are their durability and practically self-cleaning which is very ideal on the long term as the beauty of the façade will remain for many years to come.
In addition, the project also has a host of facilities and amenities, such as the clubhouse, fitness centre and swimming pool as well as the 24-hour strict security detail – all these for an exclusive community of only 74 units.
The two house designs are “Ritz”, with 248 square metres of useable area containing 4 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, and parking for 2 cars; and “Aristo” with 278 square metres of useable area containing 4 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms, and parking for 3 cars.
The sale of the first 12 ready-to-move-in units in the first phase is now open. Special promotion: A discount of up to 100,000 baht, and free air-conditioners in all bedrooms. The promotion offer is good until 30th September.


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