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Sansiri sets the standard of Thailand’s real estate industry with the launch of a world-changing business model “Sansiri Green Mission” under the concept of circular economy

under the concept of circular economy
with its goal to reduce carbon emission by 2,120 tonne,
an equivalent to 1,700 rai of verdant green forest
Bangkok (22 November 2018) Sansiri (Public) Company Limited reaffirms its position as Thailand’s first real estate developer that facelifts the world’s future with its new model “Sansiri Green Mission”, reflecting the philosophy of circular economy through the creation of innovations and technology under R&D for sustainable environmental conservation and energy management with its Green Roadmap which comprises four commitments namely Waste Management, Energy Saving & Generation, Smart Move, and Sustainability. This is all for better livelihood of not just Sansiri residents but also the world’s population.
Mr. Uthai Uthaisangsuk, Chief Operating Officer (COO) of Sansiri (Public) Company Limited, said that “Sansiri not only builds accommodation but is also determined to respond to people’s lifestyles and needs through a customer-centric approach. Recently, the company comes up with a new concept to set a new standard for the country’s real estate industry in terms of sustainable environmental responsibility. The new concept focuses on reducing energy use and the use of natural resources that lead to negative impacts on the planet. During the past years, Sansiri has set up an R&D team and worked in collaboration with partners from over 20 world’s leading institutes and companies in order to develop and exchange know-how with regard to innovations and technology for sustainable environmental conservation and energy management. The company’s research and innovations that have been deployed in our pilot projects include Cooliving Designed Home, innovative home with a solar-powered cooling system, Wind Turbine development and installation for power generation as well as the launch of Smart Move platform featuring electric cars for rent to facilitate our residents, to name only a few.”
For sustainability, Sansiri has imprinted the concept of circular economy onto the company’s DNAs, driven by its open-minded attitudes to welcome new development in order to fulfil people’s living experiences. The company focuses on two major principles in terms of integrated waste and environmental management which are, first, the conservation of natural resources and how to use them more efficiently; and, second, how to reduce as much environmental impacts along the production line as possible. This is in line with the government’s master plan for the country’s waste management (2016-2021) where the issue is considered a “national agenda” as well as integrated plastic waste management plan (2017-2021). All this is an idea behind a model titled “Sansiri Green Mission” which would facelift and set a new direction for the future of Thailand’s real estate standard that understands and care for the environment. The model is driven by the Green Roadmap which involves four commitments namely Waste Management, Energy Saving & Generation, Smart Move, and Sustainability.
Mr. Uthai added that “The budget of 50 million baht will be allocated for 2019-2021 to create an excellence in sustainable energy and waste management. In terms of waste management, the company reaffirms its commitment to reduce concrete waste from both conventional and precast construction and to instead turn to “Earth Blox”, made from scraps of lightweight concrete from construction works, which can be used for air ducts and landscape decoration. From now, the company is ready to fully gear towards using precast construction system for condominiums which is expected to increase from 50% to 80% by 2021. This way, the amount of concrete waste from conventional construction method can be reduced by 1,600 tonnes per year and subsequently lessening the company’s greenhouse gas emission by over 48 tonnes a year, an equivalent to 36 rai of verdant green forest. The company expects to achieve zero concrete waste from precast construction by next year.
In terms of household waste management, the company has allocated the budget of 600,000 baht for the installation of 10 Food Waste Machines in the common area of all high-rise projects which are expected to carry on from next year onwards. In the first year, the first batch of Food Waste Machines is expected to handle 18 tonnes of waste. After the system is deployed in all 23 projects, it could potentially handle 42 tonnes of waste per year. Moreover, Refun Machine will also be installed in 23 high-rise projects by 2021 where used plastic bottles and cans will be managed. The company also works with a start-up in the development of an application called Goo Greens which is designed to educate residents about garbage sorting and to allow them to have fun collecting points in exchange for premiums. This has been deployed at Setthasiri Charan-Pinklao low-rise project and a high-rise in Habito Mall. Also Homebiogas, an innovation that turns waste into cooking gas, has been used at Escape Sansiri Hotel Collection in Khaoyai. The company expects to completely eliminate the use of drinking water plastic bottles at Sansiri headquarters, sale offices and sale galleries by the end of next year.”
Additionally, Sansiri has promoted Energy Saving&Generation development for renewable electricity production among the company’s projects. The installation of Solar Roof at 31 projects, for example, allows the production of two megawatt of clean energy by 2021, an equivalent to power that can charge 1.4 billion smartphones, being able to reduce greenhouse gas emission by 2,223 tonnes a year or around 1,600 rai of verdant green space. Innovations like Cooling Designed Home which comprises Solar Atti system will also be implemented to reduce the use of energy, help with air ventilation and lower temperature both in low and high rises where fans and air ducts will be installed under the solar-powered roof. Coupled with Shading Screen designed as sunlight protection based on the house’s direction, this will help cool off the residence.
Mr Uthai added that “To fulfil the living experiences of residents through Smart Move, Sansiri comes up with Complete Your Living Experience concept in which the company works collaboratively with four partners including Honda, Haupcar, SHARGE and EA Anywhere to create a platform for rented vehicles as well as installing electronic car sharing and EV Charger in all high-rises projects, starting this year. So far, five stations with 11 electronic cars have been used and four more stations to come next year. This would help reduce greenhouse gas emission by 7.5 tonnes per year or around 5.7 rai of green forest. The company also plans to announce its partnership with e-scooter in order to provide services at two major projects. And finally Sansiri is joining hands with environmental advocates in order to drive the company towards sustainability. Sansiri is the first real estate developer that has worked with Big Tree for sustainable management of large-sized trees in real estate projects. All staff and project managers will be trained on arboriculture practices such as big tree trimming for better living atmosphere. The company also implements eco-friendly Sustainability Design, which helps with the use of natural resources and energy, together with other residential functions such as residential design for living comfort and low indoor temperature which results in less energy requirement. This includes Cooliving Designed Home used in low rises and Ventilation Door used in high rises. At present, The Line Phahonyothin Park is the first project to have been announced “Green Condominium” and many more are expected to come in the future.”
Sansiri Green Mission with four commitments namely Waste Management, Energy Saving & Generation, Smart Move, and Sustainability is considered an innovation that pays attention to circular economy. It is the first model in the real estate industry that applies the Reduce–Recycle–Design–Retailer–Consumers approach. The company is certain that within three years, Sansiri Green Mission will be key to creating the sustainable future for energy management which will trigger an important change that will bring Thailand’s real estate industry to another level,” Mr. Uthai concluded.
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