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Sansiri targets being Thailand’s ‘top-of-mind’ real estate firm among foreign customers

Sansiri Public Company Limited is moving full speed ahead in a bid to become Thailand’s real estate company most trusted by foreign customers, after racking up 1,500 million baht, or a growth of 45 percent, in sales to foreigners within the first five months of 2016 compared to 800 million baht during the same period of last year.
The biggest group of overseas customers is from Hong Kong at 600 million baht, followed by 350 million baht from China and 200 million baht from Western countries. Mori Haus project in T77 development on Sukhumvit 77 Road proved to be the most popular, sweeping up sales of 700 million baht on the “Presales to Foreign Customers Day” accounting for 95 percent of allowable sales to foreign buyers.
The phenomenon was attributed to the “Sansiri” brand image and the condominium projects that fulfill all the needs of the customers. Meanwhile, the investment in holiday homes has also shown good response while good aftersales services have created trust among Sansiri’s customers. It is expected that the seven new projects to be launched within the remaining seven months this year will result in the sales target to foreigners of 5,000 million baht being achieved.
Meanwhile, the intensive campaign for THE LINE Asoke-Ratchada will be launched simultaneously in four countries – Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan and China – on 11th-12th June, and is expected to fulfill 100 percent of the foreign customers’ quota of 600 million baht within those two days.
Sansiri Public Company Limited (SIRI), revealed that after Sansiri achieved the trust of Thai customers by being awarded with “Thailand’s Most Trusted Brand” through the survey carried out by a leading marketing publication and the country’s many research institutes over the years, for 2016, the Company is working towards the goal of being a Thai real estate development company that has achieved the “Top of Mind Brand” distinction among foreign customers for its global sustainable growth. At present, Sansiri is already the only one Thai real estate company that has carried out global launches for local projects, and has regularly initiated aftersales activities with foreign customers. For the first five months of this year (January-May 2016), Sansiri managed to rack up foreign sales to the tune of 1,500 million baht – a 45-percent increase from last year’s figure of about 800 million baht.
“Citizens of Hong Kong were our biggest customers with 600 million baht in sales in the past five months. Second are the Chinese who bought condominium units worth 350 million baht, while customers from Western countries such as the United Kingdom, Germany, France, the United States, etc, altogether bought into projects worth 200 million baht. The main objective for the purchases as cited by Hong Kong and China customers was for investment, with Bangkok and resort areas being the main targets for their attractive returns on investment. Meanwhile, Western buyers look more towards owning vacation homes that can be rented out for profit while not occupied.
“The Mori Haus resort-style condominium in the T77 development on Sukhumvit 77 Road under the concept ‘Trees of Life’ surrounded as it is by green trees has received the most interest with sales of 700 million baht within the two days of ‘presales’ roadshows in Hong Kong, Japan and Singapore – reaching 95 percent of allowable ownership by foreigners. We at Sansiri hope that this project will also be enthusiastically received by Thai customers during our presales days in Thailand in early August.
“This is because the T77 project is the development that both Thais and foreigners have shown keen interest in due to its ideal location and proximity to several convenient facilities such as an international school, the community mall, expressway entrance and exit, BTS, etc. Resort condominium projects in Pattaya, Phuket and Hua Hin were also well received by foreign buyers with above-target total sales of 500 million baht. The most sought-after projects were Baan Plai Haad Wong Amat Pattaya, THE DECK Patong, THE BASE Uptown Phuket and Baan Mai Khao Phuket,” Sansiri said.
The President of Sansiri PCL further said that the major factors that has led foreign customers to put complete trust in their investment in Sansiri’s condominium projects are: 1) The reputation of the brand that has been readily accepted for over 30 years both in Thailand and abroad as a real estate business leader that not only provide high quality housing but also the complete lifestyle; 2) The introduction of condominium projects that directly answer to the tastes and needs of foreign customers both in terms of own housing and as investment; 3) The introduction of “Earn from the Holidays” plan for those who want to buy a holiday unit to live in and to rent out at satisfactory rates while being able to use their quotas to stay at any other projects around the country – a first among Thai real estate developers, and   4)Aftersales services from Sansiri and its affiliated companies, such as Plus Property Co., Ltd., due to its position as the only fully-integrated real estate service provider in Thailand.
“During the last seven months of 2016, Sansiri will launch seven new projects while roadshows will be organised to present various projects to potential customers abroad. Our target marketing effort this year will focus on Hong Kong and China, due to the fact that the monetary volatility and the high costs of real estate investments in these territories have been inducing investors to turn their eyes to Thailand where the returns from rents are higher but the cost of real estate investment is two to four times lower than in Hong Kong and China.

“Sansiri believes that this fact will help to raise this year’s total sales to foreign customers to 5,000 million baht, which translates into 20 percent of the total condominium sales of 28,000 million baht. Significantly, Sansiri will launch THE LINE Asoke-Ratchada condominium project on 11th-12th June simultaneously in four countries – Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan and China. The target sales during these two days of presales activities abroad are 600 million baht, or 100 percent of allowable foreign ownership,” Sansiri concluded.


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