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อัปเดตข่าวสารจากสื่อหลากหลายช่องทาง ล่าสุดได้ที่นี่

SansiriPride celebrates gender diversity and equality, highlighting the need to create an inclusive working community that embraces differences

June is the month of LGBT Pride, which is celebrated every year by LGBT communities and people from all walks of life worldwide. As the industry leader in real estate and lifestyle, Sansiri has established itself as an equal opportunities employer that provides and supports employment without regard to sex, gender or ethnicity.
To further raise public awareness of the LGBT community’s rights movement and ensure equal employment opportunity for its employees, Sansiri is taking the initiative in observing the occasion by adopting a special logo in celebration of this year’s Pride Month. The new dazzling logo design features the vibrant colors of the rainbow temporarily replacing the company’s official blue tone for use in all of its communication channels.
To celebrate Pride Month, Sansiri recently organized a Pride-themed get together, entitled #SansiriPride at its newly launched Co-working Space Office at their headquarters. The venue is not only the company’s new collaborative hang-out for Sansiri staff members, but an incubator of creative ideas as well. It helps stimulate an open exchange of interesting stories and new conversations that aim to forge strong relationships and promote a sense of intimacy between employees from different backgrounds and departments of the organization.
At the party, Sansiri staff came together to celebrate the elegant, harmonious diversity of gender equality. Decked out in colors of the rainbow, participants had a free hand to express themselves and embrace their proud individual identities. Everyone took to the occasion a strong sense of pride in being their authentic selves and proud to be part of the Sansiri family.
The event reflected Sansiri’s belief that every society or company, wherever it might be, is made up of individuals with different tastes and behaviors. If we open our hearts wide, learn, respect and embrace the differences of each person, we will find that in fact the differences in people make every single day colourful and enjoyable, while helping drive employees of the organization forward happily together.
Below are the photos illustrating the festive moments from the Pride-themed event that was filled with the smiles and infectious laughter of Sansiri staff.