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Sansiri has achieved 8.5 Billion Baht in total sales from foreign buyers with Hong Kong, Singapore and Russia being the Top 3 source countries buying Sansiri condo properties

Sansiri announced great success in attracting foreign buyers, with total sales of over 8,500 million baht (US$266 million)  having been generated to date from this segment alone. The company further unfolds that a total sales of 585 million baht (US$18 million) have been achieved during the first eight months of 2014, a remarkable surge of 460% from last year. Sansiri is confident in reaching a sales goal of 1,100 million baht (US$34.5 million) by the end of this year. The economic and political volatility is believed to have no effect on the customer confidence in local property investment. To date, the top foreign buyers of Sansiri condominiums are from Hong Kong, Singapore and Russia. One and two bedrooms are found to be the most popular unit types for the buyers of properties in Bangkok while demand in other provinces, particularly in key resort areas, extends to all unit sizes due to various preferences. A range of stimulating marketing activities and offers are set to be launched in Q4 to continuously expand its foreign customer base.           

Sansiri Public Company Limited, disclosed that, “Sansiri has enjoyed total sales of 8,500 million baht (US$26 million) generated from foreign buyers alone, which amounts to 5% of our total sales from the past to 31st August 2014. Such a figure is the sales achieved from 1,500 condominium units sold to customers from 55 countries, with our top five buyers being from Hong Kong 9.6% (820 million baht or US$256 million), Singapore 5.6% (480 million baht, or US$15 million), Russia 5.5% (470 million baht, or US$15 million), England 4.7% (400 million baht, or US$12.5 million) and France 4.3% (370 million baht or US$11.5 million), respectively. Sales achieved from this market segment alone during the past eight months of 2014 closed at 585 million baht       (US$18 million), up 460% from the same period last year, which was at 127 million baht     (US$4 million).”
Sansiri PLC. continued, “Although Thailand has experienced economic uncertainty as a result of political unrest starting from the end of last year to the middle of this year, foreign investors still show strong confidence in property investment in Thailand. These investors are accustomed to our political situations and are well aware that such negative economic factors were only temporary. Overseas buyers have selected Thailand as their property investment destination because of the high rates of Return on Investment and the highly competitive prices of properties in comparison to Singapore and Hong Kong, among other places. Other factors are attractive characteristics known to foreigners of Thailand along with the fact that the property value here goes up every year.”
Sansiri PLC. noted further that purchasing purposes of foreign buyers vary according to their chosen locations. The developments located in Bangkok and surrounding provinces were purchased for investment while those in upcountry serve as a second home and a residence for a long-term stay, either as a workplace or a post-retirement retreat. In terms of unit types, fully-furnished one and two bedrooms with close proximity to the Skytrain are the most desirable types in Bangkok. In resort cities, however, all room types, ranging from studios to penthouses, have received an upbeat response due to various customer demands, which differ both in location, budget and investment purposes.    
One of the strengths of Sansiri that have attracted global investors is the fact that it is the only fully-integrated property developer in Thailand which offers a comprehensive range of professional services including buying, re-selling, renting, as well as, managing quality residential developments. Customers can therefore be rest assured that their investment in property will only increase in value and gain an impressive ROI continuously in the long term.   
“Our foreign buyer market over the past two years has shown an increase in demand for properties in Thailand. Sansiri has continued to expand this customer base to keep up with such high demand. During the off-season, we organised roadshows to promote our developments abroad, such as in Hong Kong, Singapore and Malaysia, and other markets. Also, since last year, we have shifted our focus to capture new markets, such as mainland China and Russia, where strong purchasing power coupled with high, incoming tourist traffic is prevalent. These roadshows successfully reached targets both in terms of sales figures and the number of participants. Each roadshow event accommodated around 80 – 100 participants and generated approximately 100 – 200 million baht (US$3-6 million) in sales per event. For the high season in the fourth quarter, which is the peak tourist season in Thailand, we have created a broad range of special campaigns and promotions exclusively for overseas customers. A host of benefits and extra privileges including those of the ‘Elite Card’ are offered to Sansiri customers. Furthermore, we have cooperated with international business partners in arranging visits to our property developments. Lastly, we are confident that a sales target of 1,100 million baht (US$34.5 million) set to be gained from the foreign buyer market this year will definitely be achieved,” concluded Sansiri PLC. .