Move-in Experience


10DK is an interior service provider, specializes in residential projects-both condominium and houses.
We innovated the “Fit-in” concept, which allows the whole production process to finish within 10 working days.
More than 100 works have been decorated to fit clients with various needs.

  • Expert Designers

    Expert Designers

    Our designers are experienced architects and interior designers,
    who are expert in residential design. Functions and
    space planning are concerned as well as aesthetic and customers’ requirements.

  • Personal Assistant

    Personal Assistant

    Once we agree to commence the project, your Personal Assistant will be assigned.
    Our staffs are trained to be responsive, responsible, and customer-oriented.
    Because we pay attention to every detail, the communication between
    10DK and clients are effective and smooth throughout the process.

  • 3D Perspective

    3D Perspective

    We submit realistic 3D perspective to our clients in every design process.
    The design you see is what you actually get at last.

  • Furniture Craftsmanship

    Furniture Craftsmanship

    10DK selects only experienced and skilled furniture makers.
    They are trained to deliver what they commit
    so that we can guarantee the quality of what we deliver.

  • Total Decoration Supervisor

    Total Decoration Supervisor

    The Supervisor performs quality control for both products and procedure
    throughout the whole process. The goal is to prevent damage to the properties,
    prevent unpleasant noise to neighbors, and prevent anyone or anything
    from breaking the building rules. This is to ensure we deliver the perfect home to our customers.

  • Prop Stylist

    Prop Stylist

    Our prop stylists understand art and style.
    They are trained to pay attention to customers’ preferences and needs,
    because we do realize that prop selections play an important role in home decoration and aesthetic.
    It also indicates home owners’ taste and style.