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Global Investment - Mr. Srettha Thavisin


From Sansiri’s earliest days, more than three decades ago, we have pursued projects and partnerships that have the potential to change the way we live in the world – but perhaps none has been as momentous as the partnerships we have entered with our Everyday Visionaries. The modern world, and its young, modern citizens, are changing rapidly. Many of the highest-growing companies are using technology to innovate their sectors. Sansiri, as always, is at the vanguard. We’re not waiting for the future. We’re making it.

We’re not waiting for
the future.
We’re making it.

The people and brands that we’ve partnered with truly are visionaries. Each of them has the potential to challenge the status quo and to help Sansiri grow. Like Sansiri, they believe in the transformative power of good design. They are built upon a commitment to improve quality of life. And they have a singular ambition of improving everyday lives and even whole sectors. These are businesses led by world-leading talent, strategically chosen for their common ambition and complementary purposes. We have cultivated relationships with these businesses, and their founders,

over many years, and these new partnerships are borne out of an affinity and admiration for each other’s endeavours. Individually, each business is known for its singular take on its respective sector, visionary products and passion for innovation. But collectively, with Sansiri, they represent synergistic possibilities for creating completely new products, connecting global audiences and creating a collaborative vision to evolve the way we live. It’s a thrilling new chapter for Sansiri, and one we are looking forward to writing together with our new partners.

Global Investment - Sansiri’s Evolution

Sansiri’s Evolution

Sansiri is driven by an innately Thai spirit of entrepreneurship, collaboration and hospitality – but our ambition has always been global. That’s why all our new investments are with companies that share the same ambition : to improve quality of life for people the world over, starting with the homes they live in. We are always thinking about what makes a great community, how location affects the way we live, and how we can update our amenities and services to the highest possible contemporary standards.

Global Investment - Sansiri Flagship Project
Global Investment - Sansiri Flagship Project

At Sansiri we care
about people first and

With new partners and investments come new audiences, new markets and new directions for Sansiri to evolve in. At Sansiri we care about people first and foremost. We never forget that the new markets we’re reaching consist of real people with needs that we must cater to. In adapting to the needs, hopes and expectations of this widening audience, we’ve evolved our visual identity too. Our new look reflects Sansiri’s changing perspective on what a property developer can be.

Global Investment - Sansiri Flagship Project
 Global Investment - Sansiri Flagship Project

Sansiri has been at the forefront of Thailand’s premium property development for the past three decades, completing more than 300 projects that comprise nearly 80,000 residential units. Our reputation for exceptional service, committed relationships and total assurance has grown quickly across Southeast Asia and around the world. And this is just the start.

Global Investment - Sansiri Flagship Project

Our innovative and positive spirit has made Sansiri a magnet for likeminded global businesses who believe that we can achieve more together. Today, Sansiri looks forward to continuing work with these partners to build better lives for our growing audiences around the world, staying curious in our outlook so we’re always ahead of the curve and best in class.

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