Move-in Experience


Sansiri helps you turn your inspiration for your home into reality by teaming up
with the premier home expert SB Furniture to create perfect designs for your perfect living experience.  


Interior Design by SB Interior Team

Complete every aspect of your living experience with the assistance of SB’s team of professional interior designers.
With a wide range of services, provided at no charge, home design and decoration will be completely effortless.

  • Customize Design

    Customize Design

    *Exclusively for Sansiri  

    Comprehensive service for your perfect home, from style and design concept consultation
    to on-site analysis to ensure that the design and decoration truly meets your lifestyle needs.

  • Built-In Specialist

    Built-In Specialist

    “Are you looking for built-in furniture for your living room,
    dressing room, or kitchen?”  

    Whether it’s a bedroom, dressing room, or kitchen,
    our build-in specialists can help you design the perfect built-in furniture
    and generate realistic graphics with advanced home design software.

  • SB Interior@Home

    SB Interior@Home

    No time? No problem!  

    For your ultimate convenience, we dispatch our interior designers directly to your home
    to assist you with all your home design and decoration needs
    to give you a truly hassle-free experience.