Move-in Experience

I-Store Self Storage

To provide the maximum living area for our beloved home owners,
Sansiri has cooperated with i-Store Premium Self-Storage
with a privilege of transporting items to i-Store free of charge (special for Sansiri Family members only).


The decision of storing valuables away must be supported with great trust.
Thus, i-Store Self-Storage provides the service of personal storage areas.
Currently operating with 2 branches at Silom and Sukhumvit 24,
there are storage rooms sizes ranging from 0.5 square meters to 18 square meters.
Additionally, users can rest assured as there are a variety of security controls i.e.
Access Control, Security Guard, CCTV System, as well as new and clean areas
where users can access their storage space 24 hours a day.

  • Personal Storage

    Personal Storage

    If you want to increase your living space by storing items
    that are not frequently used or you might be in the middle
    of the process of moving houses,
    i-Store can provide you the perfect solution.

  • Business Storage

    Business Storage

    i-Store is located in a central business district (CBD),
    making it convenient for users to travel to and
    for from the storage places. Moreover,
    i-Store accentuates the importance of 24-hour security controls
    to ensure users that their items or documents
    will be stored safely under our care.

  • Using our service

    Using our service

    1. Choose your preferred storage room size
    2. Sign to agree to our terms and conditions
    3. Store away your items