Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

1. Introduction

Welcome to www.sansiri.com (“Website”). This Website is created and operated by Sansiri Public Company Limited to provide information regarding the details of residential projects which are condominiums, detached houses, townhouses, commercial buildings, and other projects operated by the Company, its subsidiaries, joint venture and/or its partners (“Affiliates”), and to facilitate you in searching for the products and services, checking the latest news and promotions (“Products and Services”), as well as any operations in connection with the Products and Services through this Website. This Website shall be constantly updated, and there might be a use of software for collecting information regarding service utilization behaviors of the Website’s users for the purpose of improving the Website to reach the target audience.

In this regard, before using this Website, you are required to thoroughly read and understand the Terms and Conditions, as well as the privacy policy of this Website. Therefore, in case the Terms and Conditions, as well as the privacy policy of this Website is, wholly or party, unacceptable for you, you are required to forthwith stop using this Website. However, in case you continue to use this Website, it shall be considered that you accept the Terms and Conditions, as well as the privacy policy of the Company in all respects.

2. Purposes

The purpose of these Terms and Conditions is to prescribe the rights and duties between you and the Company, including the procedures for using this Website. To visit and use this Website shall be considered that you accept and agree to comply with and be bound by these Terms and Conditions. In this regard, the Company may, at any time, modify these Terms and Conditions, under the Company’s discretion.

3. Intellectual Property

  • 3.1 You agree to and accept that all information, pictures, sounds, logos and/or any part of this Website, including but not limited to, copyright, trademark, service mark, trade name, database, trade secret, patent, know-how, business information, and so on, presented on this Website, are solely under the ownership of and the intellectual property rights of the Company.
  • 3.2 Unless otherwise specified, any intellectual property which the Company creates or uses in this Website shall be under exclusive rights of the Company for using or licensing such intellectual property works. In this regard, you agree not to copy, reproduce, modify, adapt, create derivative works based on the protected works, license, or otherwise infringe any intellectual property rights of the Company.
  • 3.3 The breach of any condition of this Article shall be considered as a material breach of these Terms and Conditions, and the Company shall be entitled to forthwith claim the damages from you.

4. Your rights and duties

  • 4.1 You shall use this Website for purposes which are only permitted in accordance with these Terms and Conditions of the Company. Your use for such purpose shall not be against the law, rules, regulations, rules of procedures, or any practices which is generally accepted.
  • 4.2 You shall not access or try to access any service by any other method, including automatic method, such as, the use of Script (the set of instructions or computer language for your log-in), and so on, apart from the channels specified by the Company, unless you obtained the written consent of the Company.
  • 4.3 You shall not make to participate in any obstruction or disturbance of the use of Website, including interfering with the server or network connected to the use of this Website, strictly.
  • 4.4 During the use of this Website, you shall not commit any actions which is contrary to the law and public order or good morals of the public, and shall not violate any rights of the Company, other users, and other person, as well as shall not commit any action causing damages to the aforementioned person.
  • 4.5 You shall not, or allow the third party to, modify, translate, or proceed with reverse engineer any parts of this Website and its frame, or imitate any services available on this Website, as well as to infringe copyright, trademark or other intellectual property information of the Company or other users, including not to collect any information created by the Company, background, and icons, for any purpose, unless obtaining written approval from the Company.
  • 4.6 You shall not post any text on the Website or any other space which expresses or is implied that such content is supported or certified by the Company, which is not true or not approved, in advance, by the Company.
  • 4.7 You shall not reproduce, republish, modify, download, upload, post an announcement, publicize, or otherwise make it available to the public without prior written consent from the Company. The violation of this article shall be liable in accordance with the laws.
  • 4.8 You shall not, by any method, infringe the intellectual property rights of the Company which including but not limited copyright, patent, trademark, trade secret, or other intellectual property.
  • 4.9 You shall not use any content or text or works available on the Website for seeking to unlawful benefits without prior written consent of the Company and/or post any topic or make available any text which may cause damage to the Company, other internet users and/or the third party.
  • 4.10 You shall not use computer program or software to obstruct, interfere, or disturb the operation or service provision of the Company and/or computers and/or computer system of the third party, such as, Trojan Horse, Time Bombs, and so on, which may be harmful to the service provision of the Website. 
  • 4.11 In case you publicize any information on the Website, by your email and/or homepage, it shall be considered that such action is under your sole responsibility and the Company shall not be involved in or responsible for such action in all respects.
  • 4.12 You shall not take any action which is contrary to the Company’s announcement or policy specified in these Terms and Conditions and/or amendment of Terms and Conditions which is afterwards announced or specified by the Company. Otherwise, the Company is entitled to and/or may immediately proceed with legal action against you as the Company deems appropriate.
  • 4.13 You shall be solely responsible for the damage to any person, including the Company, caused by a violation of this Terms and Conditions.
  • 4.14 You acknowledge and agree that the details in relation to the products and services, such as, number of projects and units appeared on the Website, and details received by you and the third party through other channels of the Company (i.e., temporary booth, the project, or other selling places) may be different, in accordance with the Company’s sale policy or the facts. In this regard, you are responsible for considering the information, including such details, by yourselves, and the Company shall not be responsible to you for any inconsistency between such information.
  • 4.15 You accept the risk that any information sent or received through the Website may be accessed by the unauthorized third party and/or disclosed, by the Company, to the third party claiming to be you or claiming to be your authorized person. Sending the information through internet and electronic mail may be obstructed, disconnected, or delayed, by internet traffic congestion or there is any error on information sending due to a manner of internet which may be disclosed to the public.

5. Rights of the Company

  • 5.1 The Company is entitled to collect and process your information. In case such information is personal data, the Company shall comply with Privacy Policy.
  • 5.2 The Company is entitled solely to amend any information on this Website, including details of the products and services. In this regard, the Company’s decision regarding the information on this Website shall be final.
  • 5.3 The Company may transfer the rights to use any information on this Website to the Company’s subsidiaries, joint venture and/or partners under the conditions which shall be specified afterwards and in accordance with the laws.
  • 5.4 The Company may request any information about you in case you create an account on the Website, or store your information on the Website, such as, name, surname, address, email, telephone number, date of birth, interest regarding residence in any respect, and so on, and you agree to consent the Company to collect and process your personal data for the use of services on the Website.
  • 5.5 In case the account shall be created on the Website or there is a collection of your personal data of the Website, the Company may, from time to time, send you an email or any other electronic message, regarding the products and services that you may be interested in, which you agree and accept to receive such email or any other electronic message. However, you may exercise the right to reject the receiving of all emails or any other electronic messages through the channels provided by the Company. In this regard, if you refuse to receive all emails or any other electronic messages, you acknowledge that you may be unable to use the Company’s services completely.
  • 5.6 For the damages occurred to the Website, the Company, or Company’s directors, in relation to your actions, the Company is entitled to claim for the damages from you according to the actual expenses and/or damage, whether it is for the repair, fix, new creation, compensation, or otherwise actions to compensate the Company for such damages. You shall compensate for the damage in full within the period specified by the Company. In case you fail to compensate the damage within the due date, the Company is entitled to charge an interest on the principle in accordance with the rate specified by laws.

6. Limitation of Liability

  • 6.1 The Company shall not be liable for any damages, including the damage, loss, and cost which is caused, directly or indirectly, by any special circumstances as a result of or in consequence of your access to this Website or the websites connected to this Website, or for the damage, loss or cost occurred from a failure of use, error, omission, suspension, defect, incompletion, or computer viruses, regardless the Company is notified that such damage, loss or cost may be occurred.
  • 6.2 The Company shall not be liable, to you or any person, for any claims caused by a use of the Website or any contents on the Website, including the decision or any actions which is made based on your trust on such content, or any direct or indirect damages, including the damages may be occurred.
  • 6.3 . You accept and well acknowledge that the Company shall not be responsible for your actions, in all respects.
  • 6.4 The Company provides the services on “As-is” basis. Therefore, various data and /or information on this Website is provided for information purposes only. The Company does not certify or guarantee, whether implicitly, expressly or by any provisions. In addition, the Company does not certify; (a) the correctness or completion of various information on the Website; (b) that the Website or any information shall be free from mistake or omission or any imperfection; (c) that the Website is free from computer viruses or malicious code, breaking code, code causing interruptions, Software Agent or set of instruction or other Macro which is dangerous, causing damages, or interruptions, and; (d) the safety in any information sent by or to you through the Website.

7. Amendments

The Company reserves the right to amend, change, add, or delete any Terms and Conditions of any services specified on this Website. In this regard, you are responsible for regularly updating any amendments, and if you continue using the Website after its amendments, it shall be considered that you have read and understood, then unconditionally accepted the amended Terms and Conditions. You cannot claim the unawareness of change of Terms and Conditions for the violation of these Terms and Conditions.

8. Applicable Law

The interpretation and enforcement of Terms and Conditions of this Website shall be in accordance with Thai laws.