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The Use of Marble in Developments: Where Style and Class meet Practicality

星期四 , 28 九月 2017 ARTICLES

With the property market seeing increased competition on a global scale, developers have begun to create distinctions in terms of their quality fittings and fixtures to stand out from the pack and separate them from the competition. It’s becoming more about the attention to detail that captures the attention of potential investors with Thailand being at the forefront in this area, partly due to a culture that places importance on exclusivity and quality craftsmanship:


The allure of marble

Used in construction of developments since ancient times, marble is a kind of limestone that is available in many colours – white in its purest form to iron oxide impurities resulting in a spectrum of colours such as pink, red, yellow and orange. With every piece of marble being unique in terms of patterns and colouring, the material has been used in buildings, statues as well as other man-made constructions since ancient times.

According to the Bangkok Post, marble has become increasingly popular in building material for Thailand's property developers, looking to add a tone of history to the interior of homes and office buildings. It has an unmatched alluring beauty and sophistication, often conjuring up justified notions of class and status. It also has the added advantage of being eco-friendly, recyclable (in terms of the material as well as the water used in quarries) and sustainable– in line with many developer’s keen focus on promoting civic environmental practices.



On the practical side of things, the material is extremely hard and can take extremely high polish, allowing manufacturers to get the surface extremely smooth and shiny. Aside from that, its translucency and durability also captivates architects and designers the world over. Contrary to popular belief, the stone is also extremely easy to clean as long as one doesn’t use acidic solutions – all that is needed usually is mild soap and water.

It is however imperative to acknowledge – especially when it comes to property development – that not all marble was created equal.

It’s all about the grade

One of the most popular regions to source marble from is the Italian Carrara Mountains – a region located in the province of Massa and Carrara in the Lunigiana with legendary marble quarries – responsible for creating such legacies as the Pantheon and Michelangelo's Sculpture Of David among many others that have been etched in history. Marble from the region has become extremely popular for use in luxury developments across everything from counter tops to floor tiles.

Its durability and longevity, coupled by the way in which it exudes unrivalled standards of class through its unique aesthetics will see more and more developments adopt marble as a dominant material over the next several years.

After all, property is one investment that should never compromise on quality.

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