Sansiri Family

At Sansiri, we believe that a house is not just a shelter. Rather, it is a place where everyone warmly celebrates their moments of life. That’s why we commit ourselves to provide only the best to our Sansiri Family homeowners through our special services which will fulfill your wish in everyday’s lifestyles. For us, realizing your dreams as part of the Sansiri Family is simply our everyday’s mission.

  • Sansiri Service

  • Sansiri Homecare

    Not only will the Sansiri Homecare service notify, check and provide maintenance to our customers during the home guarantee period, but it will also offer maintenance recommendations from time to time to keep your home in an impeccable condition as long as possible.

  • Sansiri Family Plus

    The Sansiri Family Plus service provides realty advice for Sansiri family members wishing to sell or rent their homes, condominiums and townhouses. In other words, the Sansiri Family Plus, with its realtor experts from Plus, is ready to answer to all your real estate concerns.

  • Sansiri Family Privileges

    The Sansiri Family Privileges package gives away discounts and privileges offered by our numerous business partners in various domains with regular monthly updates, exclusively to the Sansiri Family.

  • Sansiri Family Activity

    The Sansiri Family Activity event has been designed to smooth the settling in your new home. A home-welcoming package is available to help organize a merit-making ceremony, which will mark your auspicious start into your new life as part of the Sansiri Family members. We also offer the Sansiri Family Day with various fun-filled activities while our “Home Care” team provides a regular home system check for a worry-free living in your own home. Stay tune for the all-year long Sansiri Family activities catered for every member of your family.

  • Sansiri Family Exclusive Services

    exclusive services only for the Sansiri family members

  • Sansiri Family SIM by GSM

    Share your best moments with your loved ones with a special promotion package that allows family members to call each other free-of-charge 24 hours a day 7 days a week offered to Sansiri family members only.

  • Sansiri Family S Card (SCB Sansiri Platinum Card)

    The one and only Sansiri Family S Card, a special SCB Sansiri Platinum Card, will allow you to access to all lifestyles with state-of-the-art services of Siam Commercial Bank, all in one card.

  • Sansiri Collection

    Let Sansiri Fill Your Life

    With the Sansiri Collection meticulously picked and collaborated with leading lifestyles brands, Sansiri strives to fill every moment of your life with simplicity and joy of living. Exclusively offered to the Sansiri Family members, the Sansiri Collection presents unique and inspiring sensory experiences ranging from elegant taste of the Sansiri Signature Tea blended by No. 57; sublime fragrance of the Sansiri Signature Scent picked by Panpuri; soft and sumptuous touch of the Sansiri Signature Bedding Set woven by Pasaya and warm and loving sounds created by LoveIs.

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