The Sales Process

  • A) Reservation: Make a deposit of THB 5,000 for studio unit, which is completely recoverable by deduction from the contractual payment.
  • B) Signing: The Sales and Purchase Agreement is to be signed within a short period following the reservation. THB 15,000 is required upon the signing of the agreement.
  • C) Down Payment: Make a payment of 5% of total value of the contractual payment, less THB 20,000, over 10 instalments.

Expenses on Transferring Date

  • A) Transfer Fee - Calculated as 1% of the sales price (subject to change by government policy); 50% paid by seller, 50% paid by purchaser upon transfer of title deed.
  • B) Signing Fund - This payment is THB500 per sq.m. (one-time payment).
  • C) Advanced Juristic Fees - Paid in advance on THB40 per square metre per month basis (1 year prepaid).
  • D) Mortgage Fee – In case of a loan from financial institutions, 1% of the mortgage loan will be paid to the Land Department.
  • E) Meter installation and insurance fee – THB6,550

Note: The Juristic Fee or management / maintenance fee is used for general monthly maintenance of the building, common areas, pool, security, etc.

More Information

Disclaimer - Information provided should be used as a guideline only. We suggest that you refer to our professional sales team at or Tel. 1685, and consult a legal advisor before buying a property in Thailand.

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