Terms and Conditions

  • - Deposit: 10,000 Baht – The deposit is completely recoverable by deduction from the contractual payment.
  • - Contract Fee: 30,000 Baht – This is required on the day the purchase contract is signed. The contract is usually required to be made within 15 days after the deposit is made.
  • - Down Payment: Minimum 12% of the agreed price (after the deposit and the contract fee are deducted) – The down payment can be made in instalments for up to 14 months.
  • - Ownership Transfer: Approximately 88% of the remaining price – This is required on the day of ownership transfer.

Expenditure on Ownership Transfer Day

  • - Ownership Transfer Fee: 2% of the property’s estimated price (subject to change according to government estimations) – This expense is shared 50:50 between the property seller and buyer.
  • - Mortgage Fee: 1% of the property’s estimated price – This applies only when bank loan is required.
  • - Sinking Fund: 600 Baht per sq.m. – A one-off payment.
  • - Common Area Fee: 48 Baht per sq.m. per month. – An advance payment for the entire first year is required.
  • - Electricity meter installation and insurance fee: 4,621.50 Baht

Pay with Scard (SCB Sansiri Platinum Card)

  • - Enjoy 10,000 bonus points

Additional Information

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