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At Sansiri, we believe the word home represents much more than one’s address.

Home is a sanctuary where individuals and families can enjoy their time in a positive environment,
surrounded by the comforts and conveniences that allow for a genuinely happy life.
We are dedicated to providing residential properties and services that best respond to our customers’ deeper needs.
This is our promise to those who have put their trust in us and become an important part of our Sansiri Family.


Take care of every aspect of your home and enjoy the peace of mind afforded by our 24-hour online emergency notification service.

An all-inclusive one stop application that allows you to manage everything about you property – from even before you make the transfer to the time you move in – all under one convenient app.
“Let your app do the talking”

Receive regular project progress updates via our e-newsletter each month. You can check the progress of our other projects at


AFTER SALES SERVICES Sansiri Public Company Limited AFTER SALES SERVICES Sansiri Public Company Limited

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AFTER SALES SERVICES Sansiri Public Company Limited


AFTER SALES SERVICES Sansiri Public Company Limited

Plus Property, a Sansiri subsidiary, Company Limited has been in business for the past 19 years. We are well established in the domestic market and retain an excellent track record in residential leasing services, along with other brokerage and property management services. We believe in keeping customers satisfied by providing them with a dedicated range services. We have a team of professionals who will guide you with their best recommendations and provide you with hassle-free property care and management solutions.


Professionals at Plus Property, a Sansiri subsidiary, offers systematic arrival and departure procedures for ultimate convenience of tenants, therefore, assuring tranquil transactions. Moreover, aside from the conventional rental process via marketing channels and business alliances, to further embrace the diverse needs. We provide packages that deliver a variety of services that help facilitate you as a non-resident to rent out your property with a long-term contract. We provide essential services to seek tenants such as property listing, advertising/marketing and consulting, comprehensive project presentation and unit viewings to potential agents and tenants, negotiation of lease terms and conditions on behalf of property owners to obtain the best possible deal.

AFTER SALES SERVICES Sansiri Public Company Limited

Please note that this service is subject to
commission charge once the properties are let.
For more information, please contact

Plus Property (+66) 2 688 7555

HOSTMAKER, one of Sansiri’s global partners, is a leading home rentals management company whose vision is to unlock the potential of every home by taking the hassle out of short-term, medium-term and long-term rentals. Their industry and market expertise alongside proprietary pricing technology, in-house interior design services and 5-star hospitality-trained operations teams help uplift income for homeowners by as much as 20%. HOSTMAKER is ranked 20 among the top 100 UK start-ups, and one of Forbes’ five fastest growing businesses to watch in the UK.

AFTER SALES SERVICES Sansiri Public Company Limited

For further information, please visit


We are aware that it is essential to have a representative who can provide hassle-free property care and management solutions while investors are residing in another country. We offer this special service to accommodate investors to manage their invested properties with services such as evaluating maintenance issues, coordinating with tenants for issues they have, coordination of monthly rental payments, consolidation and invoicing of utility expenses (if any)

Please note that there is an additional cost for this service.
For more information, please contact or email:

Plus Property (+66) 2 688 7555

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