The full-service property management agency.​

Plus Property has quickly become Thailand’s leading real estate service provider, engaging in two primary business areas:

Real estate brokerage services, project sales management and professional consultancy.

Facility Management
Comprehensive real estate management services. Plus Property offers expert advice and consultation, with over 20 years of experience and a vibrant professional team who are always attentive to the diverse needs and expectations of our clients.


The world’s leading lifestyle management group.

A Quintessentially Lifestyle Membership provides exclusive access to privileges that money simply cannot buy. As a global private members’ club, offering awardwinning concierge and lifestyle management services for the world’s most discerning people, Quintessentially Lifestyle is a personalised, proactive service that caters to the needs of its private and corporate members, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

By bringing together specialist advice and knowledge, insider access and exclusive privileges, Quintessentially Lifestyle will fulfill your everyday needs and enhance life’s defining moments.


1. Investment in Subsidiary

Hotels & Hospitality

The Standard is known for being the most powerful brand in the lifestyle hotel business which lies in the development of each hotel, which is carefully determined and distinguished by location, the historic fabric of the site, the neighborhood culture, and the locals who create it. Each hotel has become intrinsic to its community, with a diverse appeal from both an international clientele as a destination to stay, and the local clientele for the food and beverage outlets, entertainment, and cultural programming.

Currently, there are 8 hotels around the globe under the Standard brands including 2 recently opening hotels, The standard Ibiza and The Standard Bangkok Mahanakhon which just won the AHEAD Award for the Best Hotel, New Build in Asia.

Bunkhouse Hotels
Hotels & Hospitality

Bunkhouse is a subsidiary hotel group under the Standard mostly located in Texas and Mexico. With a passion for design, tireless attention to detail, and a commitment to creating an authentic culture have earned our properties a unique place in the hearts and minds of those who visit us. we believe above all else in creating a genuine awareness of and connection to a sense of place in all that we do. Currently, there are 9 hotels under the Bunkhouse as well as 5 coffee & restaurants under the brand Jo’s. It is soon to expand its brand in Kentucky.

Peri Hotels
Hotels & Hospitality

The Peri Hotel is a dependable and soulful hospitality brand that is engaged both with our guests and the local community. It is the latest group of hotels within The Standard International Group portfolio. The boutique hotel chain is expanding throughout Asia.

Currently located in Thailand’s leading resort destinations of Hua Hin and Khao Yai. It is soon to open its doors in the country’s capital city of Bangkok.

XSpring Capital Public Company Limited
Holding company
(listed company)​​

XSpring Capital Public Company Limited, formerly known as Seamico Securities Public Company Limited, the Company is a holding company that has provided fully integrated financial services across traditional and digital platforms through its subsidiary.

Currently, the Company operates a business of investing in various businesses which are securities brokerage, securities dealing, financial advisory and securities underwriting as well as investment in any potential businesses in both Thailand and overseas to aim for a return on investment.

2. Investment in Associate

Sharge Management Company Limited
End-to-End EV Solution Provider

Sharge Management is an end-to-end EV solution provider which is a retailer of the leading charging hardware, software, and a pioneer of ‘Lifestyle’ charging an ecosystem with a focus to fulfil Electric Vehicles ‘Home’ and ‘Destination’ charging requirements.

With the mission to expand its facilities and charging station to support the Sustainability Lifestyle, Sharge Management has a business corporation with many partners from both inside and outside the industry as well as Sansiri to provide a seamless charging experience through its charging hardware and application.

ION Energy Corporation Limited

ION Energy is the first solar company in Thailand with a strong track record in building 110MWp+ of enterprise-grade solar and 10 years of experience with an in-house O&M team.

Currently, Sansiri and ION Energy have a business corporation to support sustainability through solar energy technology which helps reduce fuel energy consumption. ION Energy is the sole partner in pursuing the first milestone of the Sansiri Net Zero Policy by providing solar panels for all new Sansiri single-house projects.


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