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‘L-Shape The Shape of Privacy’ Innovative home design by Sansiri that gives ‘privacy’ a whole new meaning

Wednesday , 03 December 2014 NEWS

In today’s fast-evolving world, people are living a more hurried lifestyle full of activities and engagements. Moments of privacy have become something so desired by many people, especially those living in big metropolises like Bangkok. Sansiri truly comprehends the desires of urban people living in large cosmopolitan cities and is now ready to introduce ‘L-Shape’, an innovative home design that will redefine what ‘desirable privacy’ is all about. Under this unique design concept, your home is a private haven where you are free to do whatever you like and feel totally recharged, ready to take on the challenges that tomorrow will bring. 


Sansiri Plc. stated that, Over the past years, we have introduced a number of groundbreaking home designs to our customers such as ‘Thai Series’ and ‘Modernised Bangkok’, and each of them received a very warm welcome. The launch of the ‘L-Shape’ home design further underlines the leading status of Sansiri as a trendsetter in the Thai real estate industry. Our design team worked very hard in creating this new home design with an emphasis on ‘desirable privacy’. We wanted to make sure that all areas within this house are utilised for optimum use. We also worked with leading furniture brands to create exclusively designed furniture items for this house, giving it a distinct value and appeal.

Sansiri noted that, “We wanted to create a revolutionary home design so the ‘L-Shape’ concept was developed from thinking upside down. In most conventional homes, we often see the house being placed right in the middle of a land plot, with narrow walkways surrounding it in all directions. Those narrow spaces are hardly put into any real good use. But with the ‘L-Shape’ concept, these areas are put into the best practical use. For example, the service area, which is usually hidden at the rear of the house, is now put right in front so that you have extra space in the courtyard for other activities, and if you wish, for greater privacy. Initially, only twelve limited-edition ‘L-Shape’ homes are available at Setthasiri Krungthep Kreetha.” 

“By positioning the large green garden to the rear of the house and reorganising the living room and dining room areas, residents are provided with even greater home privacy. Recognising this growing customer need, Sansiri made sure that the element of privacy was a foremost priority in the ‘L-Shape’ design and construction. Here, indoor living and outdoor activities are harmoniously interwoven. For example, when you’re relaxing in the living room, the outdoor garden provides a relaxing atmosphere.”
“Another unique attribute of the ‘L-Shape’ design house is that four houses in four adjacent land plots are designed in such a way that their courtyards are facing each other, together forming a large green space. Such intelligent landscaping also allows even better air flow and circulation and gives each house an extended, wider green area with a scenic panoramic vista. The view is even better from the second floor of each house.”
“Moreover, we worked closely with leading furniture makers such as Modernform, SB Furniture and VRH to help us create exclusive furniture collections for ‘L-Shape’ homes that stand out both in terms of aesthetic appeal and great functionality.” added Sansiri.  
Inspired by the idea “to make all parts of the house an area where you can truly be yourself and fully relax in”, Sansiri invites you to discover a whole new meaning of home privacy with the innovative ‘L-Shape’ home design today. 
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