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Sansiri unveils onsite show units at award-winning freehold beachfront condominium Baan Mai Khao

Thursday , 30 October 2014 NEWS

Sansiri PLC unveils finished onsite show units at its award-winning luxury freehold beachfront condominium in Phuket, Baan Mai Khao. Having recently been awarded Best Condo Development (Phuket) at the 2014 Thailand Property Awards, Baan Mai Khao introduce their eight unique interior design and furniture packages which includes a selection created by Chanintr Living and two designs created specifically for buyers who wish to join the 'Rental for the Holidays' programme.

Explaining the different interior design concepts, Sansiri Public Company Limited, said “We have worked with some leading interior design companies including Chanintr Living, and have created a total of eight interior designs for buyers to choose from. Each is unique and has a different feel that will suit different tastes. Of the eight stunning designs, two are tailored for buyers who wish to enter our 'Rental for the Holidays' programme.”
Home to a number of high-end 5-star hotels and resorts, Mai Khao is a premium location in high demand and Baan Mai Khao is a part of this luxury enclave on the northern tip of Phuket Island. The award-winning freehold beachfront condominium has attracted a lot of interest with 50% sold to-date, of which 40% are Thai buyers, 20% are Russian with buyers from Singapore and Hong Kong also featuring prominently.
“There are two types of high-end condominiums in Phuket: seaview and beachfront. There are many seaview condominiums but very few true beachfront condominiums like Baan Mai Khao. A number of factors have made Baan Mai Khao an exciting opportunity for real estate investors: It's location – prime beachfront unlike anywhere else in Phuket – availability of freehold ownership, its spectacular design, the 5-star neighbourhood and its proximity to Phuket International Airport,” commented Sansiri.
Research from Plus Property underscores the popularity of the high-end condominium sector on the Island. Between 2013 and 2014 growth in demand and purchase of condominiums priced over 100,000 baht/ sq.m reached almost 50%, indicating that the high-end condominium market and demand for high quality high-end condominiums in prime locations remains high.
Eighty percent of buyers have bought Baan Mai Khao as a vacation home – to use when on vacation and to offer out for rent when not in use. Surrounding hotels and resorts enjoy a 70-80% occupancy year round, which bodes well for rental returns at Baan Mai Khao.
“Baan Mai Khao is 50% sold with overseas buyers making up 60% and Thai buyers 40%. The majority are buying as a vacation home and are looking for a rental return. We are offering a special furniture package and interior design for buyers who wish to enter their units in our 'Rental for the Holidays' programme and as part of the programme we give a guaranteed return of 6% in the first two years,” added Sansiri.
With the buildings and eight show units finished, and overall architecture and interior design at 70%, the development's guiding principles of “Humble Luxury” and “Timelessness”, together with its stunning Sino-Portugese inspired design, are coming to life. Full project completion will be mid-2015.

Baan Mai Khao consists of 206 condominium units in nine low-rise buildings developed on 13-2-90 rai of premium beachfront land. Options include 1 bedroom/ 1 bathroom (59.50 – 72 sq.m.), 2 bedroom/ 2 bathroom (79 – 98 sq.m.), 2 bedroom/ 3 bathroom duplex (115 – 137.50 sq.m.) and 3 bedroom/ 3 bathroom (134 – 162.50 sq.m.), with the largest units being the six spectacular Penthouses (260 – 263.50 sq.m.), all of which are already sold.
Water features run through the heart of the development from the rear of the property to the stunning over-sized beachfront swimming pool, which minimalist in design underscores the development's concept of “Humble Luxury”.
Other facilities include a subterranean exercise room, lobby, multi-purpose area, and large garden and outdoor space, all with 24-hour security guard service and 24-hour CCTV. Ample parking and wireless Internet at the main lobby and around the swimming pool area rounds out the complement of facilities.
Prices start from 12 million baht. More information about Baan Mai Khao, please contact call center 1685.
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