Plus Concierge

A personal assistant to complete your stay

At Plus Concierge, we offer a wide range of personal assistance services to help you run your errands effectively. Our dedicated, well-trained staff is available to address your needs with the kind of exceptional quality that you would expect from only the very finest hotels.
Pre Check-in Service
Your total peace of mind is ensured that, with every guest checking in, your property will always be in its optimum condition, ready to satisfy and impress your guest and their company. 
Our teams of dedicated and professionally-trained cleaning staff are ready to offer impressive cleaning services you can depend on. Services are available in two levels – Standard Cleaning and Big Cleaning.  
Premium-quality laundry service by experienced professionals is also available. Whether it be before, during and after the stay, our laundry operators are well-equipped and ever-ready to provide laundry services for items of all kinds from small, delicate clothing to large bed sheets. 
In-room maintenance
Something needs a quick fix? No problem. Our teams of dependable and efficient maintenance staff are always on duty to take care of all your maintenance worries including air-conditioning refrigerant change, lighting change and water leakage. Best of all, such helpful services when you need them most are provided free of charge. You only need to pay for the costs of the new supplies or equipment! 
Others Services
a. Shopping assistance service
b. Booking service for restaurants and catering 
c. Booking service for hotels, spas and package tours
d. Booking service for airport-hotel transfers and rental cars 
e. Drinking water delivery to your room 
f. Coordination service for visa and work permit applications 
g. Bill payment service
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