Sansiri Family Website

At Sansiri, we believe that a home is more than a place where people live. It is a sanctuary where individuals and families can enjoy life in a positive environment, surrounded by feelings of comfort and happiness. We are dedicated to providing residential properties and services that best respond to our customers’ deeper needs. This is our promise to those who have put their trust in us and become an important part of our Sansiri Family.

Sansiri Family Activities
As a valued member of our growing family, you are entitled to enjoy a variety of exclusive fun-filled activities which are organised by Sansiri all year round. This includes events such as Sansiri Family Day and the Welcome Home Activity, which are designed to make you feel right at home once you have entered into a Sansiri community. Also available are professional ‘Homecare’ visits to help maintain your new home and keep it in its optimum condition.

  • Exclusive Workshops
Benefit from a host of interesting workshops featuring specialised gurus in various fields – all exclusively organised by Sansiri.

  • Sansiri Family Day
You and your neighbours can come together and join us in this merit-making activity with invited monks in the morning. Enjoy exciting games and family workshops later in the afternoon.

Sansiri Homecare
Sansiri Homecare provides ‘Check & Repair’ services for all of the various systems in your home throughout the warranty period, as well as consultation on how to best maintain your home and keep it in its optimum condition.

  • Total peace of mind with professional home maintenance and repair services throughout the warranty period.
  • Benefit from expert consultation on homecare.
  • Catch problems early with a range of specialised check-ups and maintenance visits by experts from Sansiri’s partner companies.
  • Inquire about or book check-ups and maintenance visits conveniently via our Call Center or online.

Sansiri Family E-Books
Stay informed and entertained with a wide selection of e-books on a diverse range of topics, exclusively available to Sansiri Family members.

Sansiri Family Plus
Sansiri Family Plus is an all-inclusive property management service for Sansiri Family members. This expert service provided by Sansiri’s affiliated PLUS Property, makes buying, selling, and renting properties—whether houses, townhouses or condominiums—a whole lot easier.

The expertise of PLUS Property—with their proven track record and well-established position as one of the very best in property management and investment—is now available exclusively to Sansiri Family members. It is our job to provide you with the services and specialised knowledge that you would expect from professional brokerage agents. We guide you to the best possible deals for your property transactions. With this assurance, you can be confident that the value of your properties will only increase with time.

  • Our comprehensive professional property brokerage service is available from the very first step to the last, with the aim of achieving maximum benefits for both sides of any deal.
  • Effective marketing and communication tools are available to ensure easy access to target customers and to establish effective channels of communication.
  • Document facilitation service and legal advice are available to avoid legal obstacles and minimise delays, as well as to ensure fair and rewarding transactions for both sides of any deal.

For free consultation, please phone 0-2688-7555, or visit
To sell or rent a property with PLUS Property, click here.

Sansiri Family Privileges
As a member of Sansiri Family, you are always entitled to something special. A number of exclusive privileges and discounts from various Sansiri partners will be made available to you each and every month.

To redeem your Sansiri Family Privileges:
1. Register your membership (first time only)
2. To enjoy privileges or discounts of participating stores, SMS the applicable code to “4890011”. You will receive a reply SMS which you can then display at the point of service.

Example of how to redeem Sansiri Family Privileges:
For a movie ticket at the discounted price of 60 Baht per seat at Major Cineplex, EGV, Paragon Cineplex, Esplanade Cineplex and Paradise Cineplex, use your phone to SMS “SR501” to the number “4890011”. Once you receive a reply SMS, show it at point of service.

For more information, please call Siri Call Center at Tel. 02-201-3999.

To register your Sansiri Family membership:
SMS “sansiri” to the number “4890011” and wait for a reply SMS (a fee of 3 Baht per SMS applies. Registration is required once only).

Children's Cornerstone Foundation
All incoming SMS messages redeeming a privilege will contribute to a donation to a charity for underprivileged children, under the supervision of The Children's Cornerstone Foundation (3 Baht per SMS).

Terms and Conditions:
1. To redeem a privilege, display the SMS message with the correct applicable code at the point of purchase or service before payment is made (1 code per one redemption).

2. This promotion cannot be used in conjunction with any other store promotions, and is subject to change without prior notice.

Sansiri Credit Card Offer
1. SCB Sansiri Platinum and SCB Sansiri Platinum Dcondo Credit Card holders are requested to present their card before payment.

2. This promotion cannot be used in conjunction with any other store promotions, and is subject to change without prior notice.