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“Sansiri” moves forward with the YOU-Centric philosophy in a new campaign

Monday , 25 April 2022 NEWS

First in Thailand! A brand that demonstrates its commitment to diversity and equality by featuring a child with special needs, sign language users,  LGBTQ people,  
and body positivity, to represent various stories of YOU  


Todsaporn Goraghit, Head of Brand Team, Sansiri Public Company Limited, said that the world today is all about individualism, as consumers are more diverse and complex than ever. Differences are not just based on their gender, interest, or age, and one person may have many sides to them. Brands today must dig deep to understand who their consumers really are, and see their different needs in life. Sansiri has come up with homes and services that meet diverse living needs for all, and has recently introduced a new marketing campaign, "YOU Are Made For Life". Building on the idea of “YOU-Centric”, this new campaign will communicate with consumers about Sansiri’s standpoint, which is to recognize, understand, and cater to modern consumers’ changing needs. “YOU” are the center and the inspiration of how Sansiri develops its products and services, so that “YOU” and your family can enjoy being “YOU” in many ways, whether you’re at home or enjoying Sansiri’s facilities. 


“In order to understand the diversity of consumers today, our team has deeply researched and studied changing consumer behavior, because we want to base everything on ‘YOU’. This is the starting point for us in creating and designing homes that meet different lifestyles and living needs, alongside being socially responsible. ‘YOU’ in our definition is not just our customers, but also our employees, business partners, and society. We want to create something truly good for everyone.”   


The campaign is not just an ordinary marketing campaign that tells its audience about the concept, product and service, but it’s a campaign that highlights the power of quality, and the importance of recognizing and understanding people around us, including Sansiri employees. This is the starting point of the campaign, which aims to create a ripple effect. “Whatever your character, thoughts, and feelings, you are the most important part of creating great things. You are the inspiration, which is the most significant part of any home.”  Sansiri also aims to present its projects through an environmentally and socially responsible angle. Beyond doing its part as a good global citizen, this also helps Sansiri create communities that offer good quality of life and environmental sustainability for all Sansiri families.   


“This year is challenging because there are many changes happening in the real world and virtual world, so coming up with directions that cover all product segments and really address individualism. We have to keep learning and developing so that we address both the business and social aspects. However, Sansiri is confident that by offering homes and services that are centered around ‘YOU’ and respond to different characters will enable us to meet our target of 35 billion baht as expected,” said Todsaporn.   


The “YOU Are Made For Life” campaign is portrayed through stories of YOU from five representatives in a short film that reflects different characters, styles and lifestyles. Happiness can always be found in a safe place which is Sansiri home. On the topic of diversity, this is the first time that Sansiri embraces a more diverse cast, such as a body positive woman, a child with special needs, father and son who use sign language to communicate, and a variety of people we meet in our daily lives. Everyone is an important part of their home. For Sansiri, this marks a significant step for a Thai brand to embrace diversity and equality in its marketing communication, similar to what’s being done by global brands such as GUCCI, Alexander McQueen, and H&M. 

The “YOU Are Made For Life” campaign also collaborates with talents from various fields such as “PP'' Krit Amnuaydechkorn, “Peak” Pattarasaya  Kreursuwansiri, “Nann” Piyada Jirapojchaporn, “Bitoey R Siam” Suteewan Kunchorn, “Nutt”  Nisamanee Lertvorapong of Sabudprang, badminton player “Popor” Sapsiree Taerattanachai, and “Chef Pam” Pichaya Utharntharm, who portray their definition of YOU and create inspiration. Get ready to discover YOU in a unique way and get to know YOU in unseen aspects through “YOUNIVERSE” Interactive Game, a collaboration project with Deadline Always Exists, on 


“Whatever your character, thoughts, and feelings,  
you are the most important part of creating great things.  
You are the inspiration, which is the most significant part of any home.” 

“YOU Are Made For Life” 


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