4 Upcoming Thai Festivals Not to be Missed 2018

Thu : Sep 27, 2018
4 Upcoming Thai Festivals Not to be Missed 2018 Rich in culture and heritage

Rich in culture and heritage, Thailand has no shortage of reasons to celebrate. Entering the last quarter of the year, the Thai calendar is still packed with unique festivals and events for all to enjoy and take part in.


Due to the kingdom’s diverse culture and practices, there are many festivals that are celebrated nationwide as well as some that are unique to certain provinces.


Buffalo Racing Festival (Wing Kwai) - Chonburi


Wing Kwai is usually held at the end of Awk Phansa or Buddhist Lent, which normally falls in October of the Gregorian calendar. It started out as informal races for farmers around the Chonburi provinces to spend their downtime after having sold their produce to the townsfolk. Now, it has evolved to an organised 2-week extravaganza, attracting locals and tourists alike from all over the world - a real cash cow for the Chonburi economy.


The racing buffaloes are primed for the main race day, complete with special diets and training regimes, all to win the coveted title of the fastest buffalo in town. Their jockeys, who ride bareback, are also tested on their balance and agility in the various categories of races. Speed is not everything however; buffaloes, that are not fast enough to take part in races, are entered in beauty contests, to win their owners some prizes as well.

Though the buffaloes are the main highlight of this festival, there are plenty of other activities for the visitors to participate in, such as amusement rides, shopping, music concerts and even a Miss Buffalo contest for the (human) owners!


Happening this year around 23 October, Wing Kwai is a quirky and unique festival that should not be missed.


Yi Peng/Loy Krathong - Chiang Mai


Unique to Northern Thailand, the festival of Yi Peng has become synonymous with the city of Chiang Mai. In the earlier days, it was celebrated to mark the end of the rainy season and the start of winter. Now, it takes place at the same time as Loy Krathong, a similar festival that is celebrated all around Thailand.


Locals in Chiang Mai decorate their houses’ entrances with flowers, coconut leaves and lanterns for Yi Peng. It is believed that one can gain merit by handcrafting their own lanterns,made of rice paper stretched over a metal frame, with the light of the lantern being significant in Buddhist culture as a representation of victory over evil and the movement towards a brighter future.


During the day of Yi Peng, Chiang Mai is home to a kaleidoscope of colours, with lanterns of all shapes and sizes adorning every street and alley of the city. The main event takes place after sunset when the locals release their fire lanterns, culminating in a breathtaking display of thousands of lanterns illuminating the night sky.


Yi Peng is scheduled to happen between 21 and 23 November this year. Experienced travellers advise visitors to make their way to Chiang Mai’s Nawarat Bride and the Iron Bridge for the best view.


Christmas - Bangkok


Though Thailand has not been known to celebrate Christmas widely, tourist- and expat-friendly Bangkok has been amping up its Christmas celebrations in the recent years.


Riding on the traditional Christmas practice of gift-giving, Bangkok turns into even more of a shopping paradise during this festive season. Mega malls such as CentralWorld and Siam Paragon get into the Christmas spirit with larger-than-life decorations, and hold sales that are equally as attractive - perfect for the shopper who is looking to splurge on gifts for their loved ones.



For those looking for a wholesome family day out, Sansiri’s annual Winter Market Fest 2018 is the perfect way to spend some quality time. Held in the T77 Community of On Nut, last year’s Winter Market Fest was an overwhelming success with delicious food from over 150 restaurants, exciting games for children and top-class entertainment in the form of a Light & Sound show and a mini-concert.


This year promises the crowd favourites and a lot more, so be sure to swing by Sansiri’s Winter Market Fest if you’re in town!

New Year’s Eve - Phuket


On a beautiful beach with your favourite music and surrounded by your loved ones - a fantastic way to ring in the new year in true Thai fashion. Phuket has long been a favourite vacation destination for locals and tourists alike, for its picturesque beaches and electric party atmosphere. International DJs, spectacular firework displays and delicious Thai cuisine are just some of the staples of thumping beach parties all over the island. Those with children or who just prefer a more low-key celebration, can have their pick of the numerous special gala dinners and parties that are hosted by hotels and resorts for their guests.

Visiting Thailand is a celebration in itself, with every region providing unique opportunities for tourists while maintaining the magical Thai hospitality.


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To get a glimpse into the different cultural and recreational activities across the nation’s various cities as well as latest investment information in regards to properties, you can visit Sansiri’s very own Discover Thailand platform here.  



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