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Bangkok’s Property Values: Highs showing no signs of Slowing Down

Tuesday , 11 September 2018 ARTICLES



Over the span of the last several years, the property world has been creating quite a buzz around emerging markets in Asia and the potential that they bear for solid returns on investments. Across the host of opportunities available within the region, few have shown the promise that Thailand has, with the capital city recording up to 66% gains over the last 5 years - according to a Nexus survey. We take a look at the promise that purchasing a property in Bangkok brings, highlighting factors that favour investors on the lookout for sound developments with potential:

A conducive environment for work and play

It is widely acknowledged that Thailand is one of the most welcoming nations for tourists, expatriates and retirees. The country’s advantageous location places it at the heart of Southeast Asia, with Suvarnabhumi International Airport being ranked among the top ten busiest airports in the world. Couple all this with its endless shopping opportunities, rise in its lifestyle centric culture, vibrant street markets and opportunities for employment and we have a city that will increase in popularity over the next several years..


Strengthening economy behind upward trajectory

The figures are astounding. Bangkok’s property prices have seen substantial gains over the span of the last decade, with year-on year appreciation rising to a high of 11% in 2017. Last year’s figures were very much a sign of further growth to come, with the country’s economy growing exponentially. Bangkok has constantly recorded exemplary tourist traffic figures and is central to the commencement of infrastructural developments such as the Belt and Road (OBOR) initiative that will connect the Eastern Economic Corridor.


The city is also in the process of developing its Mass Rapid Transit Master Plan in its metropolitan region, an urban rail transit network serving the Greater Bangkok area. The plan will provide for greater accessibility to neighbourhoods across the city, also ensuring that that residents in outer areas are not as affected by the usual traffic congestion associated with the country.


Other favourable factors

Another factor that will ensure that properties in Bangkok gain value in the medium to long term is the fact that rental yields in the city have remained at a relatively high rate of around 5% to 8% percent. This figure was ranked last year as being an impressive 4th highest in Asia.


Interestingly, when it comes to capital gains in Thailand, condominiums have proven to accrue in value more than other developments. According to DDproperty, a subsidiary of the PropertyGuru Group, there are no signs of over-supply of these units, with the company’s index (revealing Bangkok’s residential property price trends) growing over 100 percent in less than 3 years. The same index also highlighted that buyers are now in a position to take advantage of low interest rates and competitive offers from sellers and developers, factors that work to their advantage. All this has resulted in strengthened confidence among foreign investors, especially across the Asia Pacific arena.


The proposition of buying a property in Bangkok seems to be getting more attractive by the day. In comparison to other areas in Thailand, Bangkok buyers are spoilt for choice across the many suburbs that are quickly gaining in favour among investors. As more and more units spring up across the vibrant city, buyers will be increasingly spoilt for choice in terms of where they wish to purchase. Infrastructural developments in the works will also aid the market in its upward ascent considerably, with values set to reach new highs in the next several years. Buyers need to be aware that time is of the essence here, they need to act fact to get in on the action, with now a better time than any to obtain a property in the city. Access a range of properties with potential for high returns on investments across Bangkok here.


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