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Everyday Visionaries: The Future of Living

Friday , 15 December 2017 ARTICLES

Technology and changing preferences have paved the way for the way we live:


The future will revolve largely around enhancing our well being by creating an ecosystem that integrates technological breakthroughs with work and play while facilitating everyday activities in a radius that includes our homes.


Sansiri has recently invested over USD 80 million in six companies that will facilitate the development of such an ecosystem – promising to revolutionise the way people define their home.


The Standard: Your Home Away From Home

Touted as the most powerful brand in the boutique hotel industry, The Standard promises to revolutionise the hospitality industry. Apart from hosting high-profile events, it also facilitates the likes of innovative pop-up activations and public art installations. The business takes on a holistic and authentic approach, breaking down barriers that normally restrict certain activities associated with hotels.

One:Night: Limitless Travelling

The Standard’s hotel-booking app will redefine the way people book same-day stays in a list of hand picked hotels worldwide. It allows travellers to book same-night reservations across a list of hotels at a press of the button. It targets those who are on the go, accustomed to the convenience of on-demand apps, and who still want the very best experience possible.


Hostmaker: Curating Holiday Experiences

London’s premier Airbnb management company allows travellers to make the most of their holidays or long stays without compromising on home comforts. The business also empowers homeowners to rent out their homes conveniently with tailored end-to-end services.

JustCo: Work Anywhere, Everywhere

Southeast Asia's largest provider of creative co-working spaces provides freelancers with a shared common space with talented, like-minded individuals and companies. The aim of the business is to provide opportunities to grow networks and collaborate across multiple disciplines. The Singapore-based startup will also allow business travellers to tap on these working spaces when travelling abroad.

Farmshelf: Farm To Table At Your Reach

The smart indoor farm company is changing the way you look at natural produce by bringing the farm into your home. Combining clean industrial design with state-of- the-art botanical science and engineering, Farmshelf’s technology will allow you to grow sustainable crops with minimal skills. It will facilitate the delivery of a cost-effective, automated method of nutritious food supply to hotels, apartments and restaurants.

Monocle: Redefining Media

The influential media brand is far- reaching, encompassing the food and beverage, retail and residential space. Sansiri will be able to tap on its existing following of globally like-minded readers looking for quality journalism, trusted recommendations and a distinct point of view.

The above six investments will prove to be an invaluable part of Sansiri moving forward. The company understands the importance of keeping ahead of the curve when it comes to shifts in preferences and is preparing for a new wave of customers with divergent demands.

By leveraging on the technology of these companies, Sansiri will be able to provide a wider range of services to its residents. The company’s dedication to improving lives will extend beyond boundaries thanks to the strong global brand presence of these new partners. Powered by innovation, Sansiri is reshaping the way we experience life.

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