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Festivals to catch in Thailand in 2018

Wednesday , 10 January 2018 ARTICLES

Any seasoned visitor to Thailand would agree that the nation takes any chance they get to partake in merriment. We take a look at three popular family-friendly festivals celebrated in the country:



The annual Thai New Year festival that falls from the 13th to 15th of April each year gets its name from the Sanskrit word saṃkrānti, which translates to  "Astrological Passage". Festivities revolve largely around the throwing of water on each other – an added bonus, as it is the hottest period of the year. The practice comes from the Thai belief that water is spiritually purifying, allowing of any bad luck or grievances from the past year to be dissolved. The water signifies the blessing of one and all with fortune and happiness for the upcoming year.

Anyone who’s been to Thailand during Songkran will tell you that no one is immune or excluded from the party. Be prepared to get drenched by members of the public brandishing water pistols and the likes. Younger locals are known to splash water or smear clay on tourists’ faces in an apologetic manner before wishing them a Happy New Year. All tourists are best advised to dress appropriately for the occasion - any garment that becomes transparent when wet is discouraged - and bring along a change of clothes when setting out for the day. While most small businesses and financial institutions shut down for the period, larger departmental stores are still open as usual for business.


Wonderfruit Festival

An annual event centering on the arts, music, food and idea-sharing to promote sustainable and eco-conscious living. Wonderfruit Festival  provides a platform for participants to participate in a fun-filled event - all for a good cause. Often dubbed as the Burning Man of Asia, the festival is hosted in the fields of Pattaya, at the scenic Siam Country Club. One would be sorely mistaken to take this festival at face value – the experience goes far beyond its great music and delectable food.

The 6-pillars of the festival include a farm-to-feasts initiative and health and wellness programme which includes ancient healing practices and shamanic rituals. Children are also entertained with the addition of performances, magic shows and puppet shows. Nanny services are also provided so that adults can explore the grounds freely.

The event incorporates a host of workshops and talks, such as group meditation, dance and less well-known activities such as hammock weaving. A sanctuary in itself, revellers are treated to a heady mix of Thai, Asian and western cultures.


Winter Market Festival

If one is looking to carry out festive shopping later on in the year, there is always the much awaited Christmas Winter Festival. The Sansiri hosted event has been running for five consecutive years at Sukhumvit, offering something for everyone.

The Market Zone provides a range of both local and international food options from some of Bangkok’s finest restaurants. The young-ones can visit Santa in his very own Factory Zone or enjoy themselves in the Dog Pavilion where they can be entertained at the training plaza. The Playground Zone is also worth a visit with its wide range of games and rides.

Creatives are invited to hone some new skills - or sharpen their existing ones - at the Workshop Space zone. There is also the Music & Show Zones that showcase mini-concerts by local artists. The event’s slogan sums it up well: Shop, Eat Drink and be Merry.

From homemade mulled wine and craft beer to an extensive display of local arts and crafts as well as a family play area, the Winter Market Festival is an event for all ages  to usher in the Christmas season. The Sansiri Winter Fest is the perfect event to enjoy a day away from the hustle and bustle of Bangkok city life.

Thailand has a reputation for partying hard, taking on a tourist-friendly approach towards all occasions. This inclusive and hospitable attitude paves the way for a great destination to experience its culture while having a great time.

The above events are only a couple of the series of festivals that the country celebrates throughout the calendar year, which make perfect excuses to withdraw momentarily from the hectic Bangkok City Life.

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