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First “Green Precast Factory” in Thailand

Friday , 02 April 2021 NEWS

First “Green Precast Factory” in Thailand

receiving 2 types of ISO accreditation

Many of you may not know that here at Sansiri we have our own precast concrete factory!

Our Sansiri Precast factory is located on Lumlukka, Pathumthani, roughly 40 minutes away from Bangkok. Our factory covers over 100 rai’s of land with 4 buildings dedicated for the production of precast slabs implemented for our projects.

Our precast factory is also the first “Green Precast Factory” in Thailand receiving 2 types of ISO accreditation ISO9001:2015 and ISO14001:2015, which are standard measurements of quality management systems (QMS) and effective environmental management systems (EMS).

At Sansiri’s precast factory we offer the highest standard in every aspect of the workplace and to our team of employees. Throughout the factory we provide natural lighting, safety signs, and bilingual language signs to our AEC work force to ensure a high quality of production for our Sansiri Family members.


Precast concrete is a construction method produced by casting concrete into a mold, then cured in a controlled environment, which is then transported to the construction site and lifted into place to create our Sansiri homes.


This procedure is considered to limit the amount of waste produced on site as well as cut the amount of construction time it takes to build a condominium or house.

Let's explore how Sansiri manages excess concrete to limit the amount of waste on the construction site

1.The leftover concrete is sifted to separate all the unwanted debris, which then goes back into the process of creating concrete slabs.

2.Once all the rocks and sand is separated from the concrete, the liquid is extracted from the concrete to use in cleaning the machines in the factory.

3.Lastly, all that is left after the extraction are the unusable concrete debris which equates to about 0.15% of the discarded concrete amount.

Here at the factory, we also categorized our waste: from left to right – general waste/hazardous waste/industrial waste, managed by a reputable waste management company to ensure proper disposals limiting harm to the environment.

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