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Investing in Bangkok: Different Areas to Suit Different Needs

Tuesday , 15 May 2018 ARTICLES

Thailand has gained popularity among property investors over the last several years for various reasons that include high rental yields that hover around an impressive 5-8 percent and sound infrastructural developments such as a high-speed rail network that will connect major cities with the region.

The  emergence of several Thai cities as popular destinations for migration and travel have opened up real estate options to suit almost every need. We take a look at some of the different areas in Bangkok to look at if you are scouting for that new apartment in the Thai capital:


The area has long been acknowledged as one of the main cultural hubs of Bangkok, lined with traditional architecture and art galleries together with shopping malls and a raving nightlife scene. Sukhumvit is also a base for various international schools, providing options for expatriates looking for their kids education needs..

The commercial hub of Bangkok, Sukhumvit is one of the most well connected regions in the city, easily accessible by the MRT metro system. It is also home to some of Bangkok’s most luxurious properties, catering to a growing list of high net-worth individuals both migrating and investing in the nation’s real estate arena. Due to its advantageous geographical positioning and constant flow of expatriates looking for a place to stay close to work, developments in this area have traditionally been good investments that hold their value over time.

A popular development for expatriate rentals is The LINE Sukhumvit 101, providing convenience and accessibility to Bangkok’s city life and major office’s headquarters at its doorstep. For those looking for Thai luxury at its best, take a look at 98 Wireless, a property that is second to none in terms of craftsmanship.

Bang Sue

Less than half an hour drive to the city centre, Bang Sue is somewhat of an oasis away from the city life, perfect for those who want a balance of access with the peace of a rather tranquil enclave.

The area’s popularity will also be further enhanced considerably by the commencement of construction of the Bang Sue Grand Central Station as part of the country’s high-speed rail network - creating links between and Bangkok and other cities such as Chiang Mai. This will only lead to an increase in amenities to cater to the large numbers in commuter traffic, those who reside there have all to gain by the development in infrastructure.

Two property developments to take a look at in the area are the LINE Wongsawang and The LINE Jatuchak Mochit.

Rama IV

An up-and-coming area in Bangkok, the bustling Rama IV has seen unprecedented development over the last several years. The district has encompassed a leisure and retail ecosystem in its fabric in the form of shops, cafes and eateries as well as large retail outlets and shopping malls to cater to the growing number of inhabitants.

Connected to Bangkok’s Central Business District by road, Rama IV has often been referred to as the “Next Sukhumvit Road” for obvious reasons. The Thai government and private enterprise have been pouring in substantial resources into ensuring that this part of Bangkok emerges into a hub in its own right.

A popular development in the area is Oka Haus, offering luxury apartments at competitive rates.

Thong Lo

Known for being the entertainment hub of Bangkok, Thong Lo has gone from strength-to-strength over the last decade, offering both tourists and locals with an array of stylish bars and varying cuisine options. The area buzzes with restaurants and shopping options of the likes of Gateway Ekkamai –

catering to a wide spectrum of tastes.  

Thong Lo has become synonymous with a sophisticated vibe not found in other parts of the capital city. More expatriates have been calling the area home, tapping on the vibrant community while enjoying  the finer things in life.

Two property developments to look out for in the area are Khun By Yoo and The Monument Thong Lo`.

Bangkok’s status as a global tourists hub together with its large expatriate base ads to its appeal for those who are looking for property investments in the country. Couple this with the fact that the country’s economy is forecasted to grow exponentially over the course of the next several years and what one is left with is an attractivevalue proposition that is hard to ignore.


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