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Popular Holiday Destinations in Thailand

Tuesday , 19 December 2017 ARTICLES

The land of a thousand smiles has earned its reputation as a tourist magnet with something for everyone. We take a look at a few popular destinations that will attract the most discerning of jet setters:




Located on the southwest of the country, Phuket has garnered considerable global acclaim for its vibrant nightlife and equally serene beaches. Popular among partygoers, honeymooners and families alike, it offers an activity-rich holiday largely centred on its world famous stretches of silky sand and crystal clear waters.


Kata and Karon Beach draws in the party crowd while Kamala and Mai Khao are more suitable for families looking for a more tranquil experience. The island also presents a few gems that are worth a visit. Particularly, the Khao Phra Thaeo forest reserve, with its Bang Pae waterfalls, is proving to be a popular recreational spot for tourists and locals alike. Phuket’s art scene is another relatively unsung draw of the island. It is home to dozens of art galleries, showcasing works from Thai as well as international artists.


Chiang Mai


Rapidly growing in favour among tourists, the largest city in northern Thailand offers an interesting mix of Thai cultural experiences and nature at its best. Chiang Mai is also famous for its vibrant marketplaces and its annual lantern festival that sets the night skies ablaze. A must visit while at Chiang Mai is the Wat Phra Singh Buddhist temple, which boasts a Lion Buddha said to have come from Sri Lanka, enshrined in 1367. The revered statue has become a focal point for religious celebrations during the annual Songkran festival in April.

Another major attraction of the city comes in the form of its Elephant Nature Park, located in the Mae Taeng valley, 60km from Chiang Mai. The park offers an opportunity to help feed and wash these rescued animals that have long been associated with wealth, power and Thai royalty. The non-profit organisation is open to the public from 7 am to 5:30 pm and is home to over two dozen rescued elephants - from infants to full-grown adults.




The nation’s capital has the honour of being the most visited city (for tourists that stayed at least one night) in 2016 – and for good reason. It offers a playground for tourists and locals alike to experience one of the most eclectic yet welcoming cities in the world. Bangkok promises not to disappoint, its vibrant nightlife, exquisite dining and eclectic retail options compliment its rich cultural heritage to provide for a memorable holiday destination.


In a country famous for its markets, the Chatuchak Weekend Market takes the title of being the biggest and most popular of the lot. With approximately 8000 stalls catering to around 200,000 visitors every week, the venue caters to a mix of bargain hunting locals and tourists. This is a must visit for anyone looking for a truly Thai cultural experience. The market is open from 9am to 6pm on weekends – with selected stalls remaining open throughout the week. Another attraction worth visiting is the Royal Palace, which is touted as one of the most renowned landmarks in the city. Once home to the King and his court as well as the entire administrative seat of government, the palace’s architecture is a tribute to Thai creativity and craftsmanship. The doors open to the public daily from 8:30am to 3:30pm, with the exception of days when it is being used for a state function.

The above three destinations are among some of the most popular holiday opportunities that the country has to offer. One distinct feature that is common in every Thai city is the welcoming and celebratory culture that flows through its people and every one of its attractions. If you are planning a trip to Thailand and hope to live it up with lavish accommodations, try booking one of Sansiri’s top-line properties on Rent For The Holidays.

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