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Sansiri’ honoured with 2 top awards‘No.1 condo brand’ for 2 years, and ‘No.1 townhome brand’ to become No.1 real estate firm in the hearts of the Thai people for the year With ‘Marketeer No.1 Brand Thailand 2020-2021’

Thursday , 04 November 2021 NEWS

Sansirihonoured with 2 top awardsNo.1 condo brandfor 2 years, and No.1 townhome brandto become No.1 real estate firm in the hearts of the Thai people for the year

With Marketeer No.1 Brand Thailand 2020-2021underlining No.1 brand in the perception of people wanting to own homes


 Sansiri shines as the true leader in residential developments after having been honoured with two awards, “Marketeer No. 1 Brand Thailand 2020-2021”to become recognised as the  most  popular  brand  in  the  condominium  category  of  the  real  estate  business segment  for  two  consecutive  years  as  well  as most  popular  brand in  the  townhome category. These accolades reinforce the Company’s brand leadership in the perception of the people who desire to  own  homes  in  the areas of product development  and  the formidable  market  strategy  planning  to  fulfill  the criteria that  perfectly  match  the demands of the consumers in every segment in regards to design, function, quality and services that cover every phases of residency. The Company is determined to offer the superlative residential lifestyle for everyone everyday under the “Sansiri Made for Life” concept reflecting  the  success  of  being  the  “Top-of-Mind”  brand  in  the  real  estate business and underlining the fact that this is the brand attainable by everyone, and sitting firmly in the hearts of the Thai people throughout the year.

The “Marketeer No.1 Brand Thailand 2020-2021” awards were derived from the survey on the popularity of various types of products and services amongst Thai consumers in the past  year  with  4,000  samples  obtained  throughout  Thailand conducted  by  Marketeer Group,  Kadence  International  (Thailand)  Co.,  Ltd.  and Marketing Move Co.,  Ltd.  to determine the brands and services that sustain the quality in eyes of the Thai people. The survey found that “Sansiri” has been the No.1 real estate Company in the hearts of the Thai people in the condominium category for the past two consecutive years with the majority of respondents agreeing  that  Sansiri-branded condominiums are  high-quality products with constantly evolving developments, meeting the needs of customers in all segments. At the same time, it is also a well-known and reliable brand. For the award in the townhome category, Sansiri received the highest votes from Thai people across the country, reinforcing the success  in  building  a  townhome  brand  to  win  the  hearts  of consumers within just two years, as arising from the development of townhome projects from “customer insight” with designs and  functions that  meet  the customer group’s needs  and  appeal,  reflecting  Sansiri’s determined commitment  to  becoming a  top-3 developer in the townhome market.

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