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Smart Homes & IoT: How Siri LifeTech is Completing Living Experiences

Monday , 23 July 2018 ARTICLES

With technology seeping into every aspect of our lives, it is only natural that we welcome it into our homes as well.

A Smart home is one which is equipped with Internet of Things (IoT) technology devices that can communicate with each other, and be controlled through a common communication network such as WiFi. Popular examples of such IoT home devices are Amazon’s Alexa-controlled Echo speaker which can be voice-controlled, the Nest Thermostat -which can be used to regulate temperature remotely through smartphones and tablets - and smart refrigerators, that can inform users when they are low on supplies.

As one of Thailand’s leading developers, Sansiri has recognised this emerging trend, and is pioneering efforts to introduce their very own smart home devices, Siri LifeTech, to their residents. Here’s a look at how Siri LifeTech innovations aim to complete residents’ living experiences.

1.Sansiri Home Service Application

Sansiri’s Home Service Application ai, English, Chinese and Japanese, provides them with information such as: direct notifications from the property management, personal communication with a juristic is a mobile app that allows homeowners to manage their properties remotely.residents. The app, available in Thperson, mail and package notifications, payment statuses, utility bills and repair status reports.

Other convenient functionalities include being able to control the lighting and air conditioning as well as shopping for furniture. Future plans include the integration of radio stations and curated playlists of Thai music.

2. Sansiri AI Box

Sansiri’s AI Box is a voice-enabled smart personal assistant, powered by artificial intelligence (AI), that allows residents to control electronic devices using voice commands in Thai. It is available to residents as part of the Home Service Application.

The AI Box was built by adopting technology from Amazon Web Services, which offers AI for consumer living. The AI Box aims to allow users to manage all their home appliances and home-related activities with greater convenience and security.

3. San:Dee

San:Dee is a delivery robot that can help deliver light goods, such as general mail and parcels. Residents will get notified about their mail through the Home Service Application. San:Dee allows residents to enjoy the convenience of having their mail delivered right to their door, and gives them peace of mind by maintaining a high level of security.

These delivery robots are currently operating at two of Sansiri’s properties, oka HAUS and kawa HAUS, with plans to introduce them to more properties in 2018.


4. Farmshelf

Sansiri’s latest partnership, Farmshelf allows residents to set up their own smart indoor farms in their homes. With hydroponic indoor-farming units the size of a bookcase, residents can now grow their own fresh vegetables and fruits easily. Sensors and software maintain optimal conditions for the produce to flourish, and a mobile app monitors the pH levels, climate and airflow. Residents will then get a notification when it is time for them harvest their crops.


5. Samitivej@Home

Sansiri has also partnered with Samitivej Hospital to develop Samitivej@Home, a wearable device that allows residents to track possible health risks. This is especially useful for residents with elderly members or family members with special medical needs , giving them peace of mind. It can detect unusual movements of patients or the elderly in the event of an accident.

The emergency button on the wristband, when pressed, will immediately notify Samitivej Hospital, family or a juristic person that immediate assistance is needed.


6. Smart Move

Sansiri’s Smart Move initiative is a car rental service for residents, enabling them to use an alternative mode of transport, without having to actually own a car, under the EV-Car (Electric Vehicle Car) Sharing Platform. Residents can book the service online, 24 hours a day using the Home Service Application.

They can unlock the car doors with their unique Smart Move card or by logging into the HaupCar application.

Sansiri has plans to further develop and integrate technology into their already impressive suite of services. Siri LifeTech innovations represent Sansiri’s commitment to addressing all dimensions of living and staying on top of the latest real estate trends.  

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