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The Base Height Phuket: Find paradise in this condo in Thailand

Monday , 10 April 2017 ARTICLES

Phuket Island is one of the world’s most beautiful tourist destinations. This is why many foreigners want to find the perfect condo in Thailand here.

Phuket is the largest Thai island stretching 49 kilometres. The island is also called the ‘Pearl of the Andaman’ being a well-known tourist spot and having many foreigners investing in property. Sparkling blue beaches run along its coastline, with the most popular being Patong beach. Its economic hub is located at Phuket Town, south of the island. Want to get a Thailand property investment in Phuket? Check out the Base Height Phuket by Thailand property developer Sansiri! 

Get your very own piece of paradise in this condo in Thailand The Deck situated in Phuket.

The Base Height is a modern condo for sale situated in the Talad Yai-District in Mueng Phuket. There are shopping malls in the vicinity such as Central Festival Department Store and the Tesco Lotus Superstore. For families wanting to live in the island, several schools are near the condo as well. The Phuket Rajabhat University is only 1.2 kilometres away while the Khachon Kiat Sueksa School is about two kilometres away.    

With the concept of “This is your life”, the Base Height Phuket aims to gives its residents the ultimate sense of comfort and belonging. Each unit of space in this condo in Thailand was designed to make you feel at home in the heart of a bustling city.  

In this luxury condo, All of the units come with their own balcony overlooking the humble city of Phuket. The residents can be assured that they are safe with 24-hour security guards and a fully-functioning CCTV security system. Residents also have access to an in-house pool, a kiddie pool, and a fully-equipped gym.

This condo in Thailand houses 358 units in a single 14-storey building. Available units include one to two bedrooms, and one or two bathrooms. Unit sizes range from 32 square metres to 53 square metres.

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