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The Easy Way To Buy Property in Thailand

Friday , 28 September 2018 ARTICLES

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The process that property buyers go through – from searching till signing and beyond – should be a seamless one. The reality, however, is often extremely different. Buyers need to do extensive research on what property to acquire, contact different sales agents, book viewing appointments as well as other necessary paperwork that comes with the purchase.  

The process doesn’t end there. After the sale is completed, they often have the arduous task of managing the maintenance of the property. If it’s purchased as an investment, they also have to search for, screen and manage potential tenants throughout the course of a lease. All this becomes even more tedious when you are not in the country of purchase to carry out the necessary administrative tasks. Foreign buyers are almost always concerned with legal and payment procedures. What if you were told that it didn’t have to be so hard?

Purchasing a property with Sansiri is an extremely fluid process. Our agents are fully capable of providing you with all the information you need to satisfy a wide range of requirements. Sansiri provides buyers with four easy steps to purchase the property of their choice. After selecting a unit that they are interested in, potential buyers can transfer a booking fee and send the company a copy of their passport and credit card proof for security reasons. They then have 14 days to sign the contract as well as pay contract fees. Once the property is ready to be moved into, they can transfer the remaining payment. The title deed will then be transferred to them and their purchase will be completed.

With the introduction of Sansiri Home Services to several of the developer’s properties, owners are also able to receive news and get real-time notifications from a representative regarding certain properties. This also includes notifications on mail and packages as well as any outstanding payments and repair reports as well as status updates.


Access to a wide range of properties

Your journey purchasing a property with Sansiri begins with your access to our expansive list of developments on a user-friendly website filled with details of their properties across the country. You can use  the website live chat function to get answers to all your queries before we set up an appointment to discuss your investment further. The site is also fully equipped with a mortgage calculator  function as well as articles highlighting lifestyle topics and the property landscape in Thailand.


Assistance with sourcing tenants

Sansiri agents will then assist you to rent out your property at your convenience. The platform will also provide essential services  such as the creation of property listings with professional photography, advertising/marketing and consulting, comprehensive project presentation and unit viewings to potential agents and tenants. It will also help with the negotiation of lease terms and conditions on behalf of property owners to obtain the best possible deal.


After sales services and maintenance

Another main concern of overseas property investors revolves around the maintenance of their acquired units. Sansiri’s facility management service makes regular visits to units with reports on furniture and appliance conditions every six months, ensuring that your unit is well maintained. The service also coordinates monthly rental payments, assistance with bill payments, evaluates maintenance issues and negotiates repairs as well as functions as a middleman for any other issues that may arise where communication with the tenant is necessary. The platform’s hassle-free property care and management solutions allow owners of Sansiri condominiums to essentially reap returns without having to reside in the country.

All Sansiri customers also have access to the company’s invaluable Home Service application. It has  been refreshed in 2018, equipped with Thai-language voice command capability and integrated e-wallet service. Users will be able to enjoy enhanced online shopping experience with special offers from SB Furniture for furniture and home decoration items, Samsung for electrical appliances, SCG for construction and home finishing materials, Sprinkle for drinking water and Trendy Wash for self-service laundry with automatic notifications. The app is downloadable via iPad, iPhone and  Android devices.

Excited to begin a hassle-free investment process? Take the first step and contact Sansiri here.

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