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Thonglo is a prime and trendy Thailand property investment location that has it all

Thursday , 14 September 2017 ARTICLES

When choosing a Thailand property investment, location is one of the key considerations. If you’re looking for a vibrant community with everything you need, Thonglo is definitely a promising location for your next Thailand real estate investment. Let’s see what interesting things this area has in store for you.

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Thonglo: the trendiest street in Thailand

Translated in English, Thonglo means “molten gold”.  True enough, the street is a melting pot of the newest and hippest luxury bars, restaurants, and fashion retail stores.

The street runs from the Thonglo BTS Station north towards Petchaburi road. This means the area is easily accessible via Bangkok’s skytrain. If you want to avoid road traffic, you can also travel to other districts of Bangkok through the Khlong Saen Saep express boat located near the Phetchaburi road intersection.  


Worldwide cuisine within your reach

Getting a Thailand property investment in Thonglo will give you the opportunity to try out cuisines from all around the world. Thonglo is the ultimate food haven. There’s a seemingly endless choice of different cuisines to try out along the street. There are lush Thai restaurants, American restaurants, authentic Italian and German bars, artisanal coffee shops, and several notable Japanese cuisine diners.

Luxurious shopping boutiques

Thonglo is also home  to several posh fashion malls and individual stores. You can shop for trendy magazines, gadgets, and clothes at the 7, 000 square-metre Playground! mall or you can go to the individual outlets interspersed along the street. Some popular fashion boutiques include: Anchavika for edgy high fashion outfits, Little Things for stylish kids, and Poem for classy clothing.

Live in an upscale home

Thailand Property Developer, Thailand Property News, Buy Thailand Property, Thai home, Thailand Real Estate, Property in Thonglo


With all Thonglo has to offer, it definitely proves to be one of the best locations for a good Thailand property investment. Are you set on making this lavish neighbourhood your home? Then the Monument Thonglo <> by Thailand property developer Sansiri is a perfect choice for you. This luxurious 45-storey property in Thonglo offers 127 spacious units and is scheduled for completion on September 2019.

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