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What type of property investment are you looking for?

Saturday , 15 April 2017 ARTICLES

Contemplating a property investment in Thailand but not sure which one is right for you? Sansiri gives you the best options when it comes to real estate projects!

Condominiums: Baan Mai Khao Phuket

More and more people are looking to buy condos nowadays. Most condos are situated in prime locations and are ready to move in which makes them a great property investment. The thing about condominiums is that there are different regulations governing it. For instance, you don’t have the freedom to change the interiors of your unit or sometimes pets are not allowed.

What sets condominiums apart from privately owned houses is the luxury of having facilities like swimming pools, gyms, gardens, and working lounges without having to maintain them yourself. Check out Baan Mai Khao Phuket, one of Sansiri’s luxury resort condominiums!

Baan Mai Khao Phuket is a resort condo in Thailand located on the beautifully serene Mai Khao Beach. It has six three-storey buildings and three five-storey buildings housing a total of 206 luxe units. Facilities include an exclusive clubhouse for residents, a swimming pool, a recreation area, and a community garden.

Single house: Setthasiri Wongwaem–Lamlukka

A single house is a property investment that gives you more privacy and freedom to do what you want with your new house compared to condos. It’s a little more costly than condominiums but it can give you the space and privacy you need.

Check out the Setthasiri Wongwaem–Lamlukka developed by Sansiri, which is perfect for people looking for a luxury house!

The Setthasiri Wongwaem – Lamlukka  is composed of luxury single-houses situated in Wongwaen–Lamlukka, the gateway to northern Thailand. There are 321 stunning and modern units of two-storey houses for sale. Room sizes vary from 116 to 135 square metres. Construction will be completed in 2019.

Townhouse: Garden Square

When buying a house, one should always consider space and community. Townhouses usually have less spaces than single houses, because units have to share at least one wall with another unit. However some still offer some common facilities.

Townhouses sometimes have more relaxed rules governing the dos and don’ts of the residents. One townhouse unit can have multiple floors compared to a condo unit of a single floor. Living in a townhouse community also offers more privacy than living in a condo.

Check out Garden Square, the latest Sansiri townhouse development!

Garden square is a family-friendly luxury townhouse in the heart of Bangkok. Its design was inspired by the original London townhouse and incorporates that modern, classic, English feel. This Thailand property has 34 four-storey units with a 5.5 metre frontage. Completion date is to be announced.

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