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Where should you buy condo in Thailand?

Wednesday , 25 October 2017 ARTICLES

Thailand has a wealth of great locations for your investments. For instance, the city of Bangkok provides the convenience of living so close to everything you need. When you're looking to buy condo in Thailand, it can be quite a daunting task to choose which of these prime areas to live in. Why not take a look at these great investment options provided by Sansiri?

The Monument Thonglo

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Thonglo is hailed as one of the trendiest streets in Thailand. It is accessible via the Thonglo BTS station which easily connects you to other Bangkok business districts. This district is paradise to those who enjoy shopping and dining as there is a bountiful selection of luxurious boutiques and world-class cuisines. For families who are planning to buy condo in Thailand, this area should be at the top of their list. It is also home to one of Sansiri’s luxury property in Thailand: The Monument Thonglo.

The Line Wongsawang

Wongsawang is located in the quieter northwest part of the Bangkok city, providing a respite from the congested inner city areas. When looking to buy condo in Thailand, it is also important to consider the transport mode options available. Wongsawang can be accessed by road, by water, and even by air. The Chao Phraya Express boat station is nearby while the Don Mueng International Airport is only a 25-minute drive away. Sansiri also has one of its first-class condo in Thailand here: The Line Wongsawang.

Taka Haus Ekamai

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Ekamai is an area in Bangkok well-known for its luxurious residential developments as well as its high-end restaurants and shopping centres. The area is easily accessible through expressways and the Ekamai BTS station. This is the location of the Taka Haus Ekamai development, a joint partnership between Thailand property developer Sansiri and Tokyu. The development was envisioned to be the home of a thriving residential community.

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