The aim of this project is to push for and figure out a policy guideline in solving the problem of educational accessibility. This is to guarantee equal opportunity to education for children and youth of all social classes.


Through cooperation with Phuket Provincial Office of Social Development and Human Security and Phuket Children and Youth Council, Sansiri and Phuket Province have initiated the “GIVE” project with an aim to support the voice of children and youth. GIVE provides children with an opportunity to write the future of Phuket, inspiring them to make a difference in the society through the theoretical and field workshop by expert speakers and the crew of “Khon Khon Khon”, a documentary TV show. The workshop focuses on the ‘big picture’ approach to problem solving, fieldworks for observation of problems between communities and relevant agencies, how to communicate these problems through documentaries, and how to draw up sustainable projects.

Sansiri and Phuket Province also held the “Phuket Children and Youth Assembly”, allowing the youth trained under the GIVE initiative to present problems and project proposals to government and private agencies, as well as media outlets. The 30 youth members selected from the workshop were appointed the “Youth Working Group for Phuket Governor” which creates a new ground of youth support in Phuket by letting youth work at the policy and operational levels along with provincial authorities for the first time in Thailand.

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Last year was the first time Sansiri joined up with such construction partners as Frametek, Floor Rider, and Conwood to conduct a study on construction waste management in order to recycle unwanted materials and make use of them for community benefits. A multipurpose building located at In-Udom Community, Soi Tiwanon 45 was designed and constructed under the pilot project. The building serves as a library for local residents and children, as well as a place where community activities can be arranged.

Based on the belief that begins within the organization and the role of construction-related businesses, this initiative can be achieved through the work of an innovation team who designs, experiments, studies and creates useful objects from recycled materials. By this means, the initiative makes the society realize a sustainable way to preserve the environment.

The Green Hope Social Initiative, through collaboration with partners, has explored new innovations in developing wastes into new materials, such as the following:

Recycled lightweight concrete blocks, which are resulted from the re-manufacturing of concrete scraps in which 12% lower concrete amount is used while the quality is maintained. The blocks are used to build a community yard.

Recycled fabric boards, which are co-produced by Pasaya. Under the study, fabric wastes from industrial process were made into recycled fabric boards or multipurpose panels which are as durable as wood but less inflammable. This material is used in making furniture for the community.

Apart from getting familiar with the community, surveying and interviewing the locals to figure out their actual needs, Sansiri also wishes to educate the community on how to increase the value of unwanted materials found in the environment. Sansiri has partnered with CreativeMOVE, a group of social thinkers, to hold a community workshop in which inventors and thinkers of various fields shared their ideas and know-hows in boosting the value of wastes by using them in decoration works and increasing their utility.

The initiative reflects the intent of Sansiri and partners to draw attention from all entities - from small communities to large enterprises - to care for the environment and save the Earth for the future generation.

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