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Living Design Trends for the New Generation

Friday , 15 June 2018 ARTICLES

Sansiri’s Project, The BASE Phetkasem


With about 34% of the current generation being made up of millennials, this growing group of young buyers will continue to make up a large slice of potential buyers for the global housing market. Most of them are in their 20s, with smaller budgets and families as well as unique living needs. They also prefer to live near city-centres for easier accessibility to their workplaces and other amenities. Millennials are known to place emphasis on high-tech features and outstanding design, with interior decor that can evolve and change as they mature. This preference is partly due to the rising cost of accommodation and constrained spaces in metropolitan centres. In this article, we will discuss some of the  key trends for this new generation of home buyers:


Focusing more on online experiences and bringing them to offline living

Due to the accessibility of mobile devices,  millennials rely heavily on online applications and the internet to house hunt, purchase furniture and even to access everyday living necessities. They have now shifted their purchasing experience of real estate to the online sphere. As part of its efforts of keeping up with the times, Sansiri has also integrated technology into their homes, with its developed a smartphone Home Service app which allow homeowners to book for maintenance services, robots that deliver parcels to one’s doorstep and even a medical care app Samitivej@Home that caters to the changing needs of their residents.


Creativity is everything

Sansiri’s Kawa HAUS Co-creation space


Sansiri’s recent projects include elements that cater to its younger homebuyers. One such example is kawa HAUS, which has a co-creation space, perfect for those who need a conducive area to work, and a farm-to-table sustainable living concept within the home.

When it comes to the home’s interiors, creativity starts with Sansiri Creative Studio, led by Sansiri’s new Chief Creative Officer, Ou Baholyodhin. Baholyodhin will be in charge of the visual identity and customer experience, shaping the brand's overall look and feel, from design and development to marketing, media, branding and special projects. Together with a team of well-trained and highly sought after designers and content creators, the new homeowners can personalise their homes to incorporate latest designs, and to create their truly bespoke home.


Reaching out to B2B leaders

Sansiri Talk Series


To reach out to more industry leaders, Baholyodhin has also started the Sansiri Talk Series, which is aimed to address a variety of lifestyle and living topics in key design cities around the world.The first talk, moderated by Tyler Brûlé, Editor in Chief and Chairman of Monocle Magazine, addressed the topic of  'New Designs for Living in Asia', discussing how innovative design solutions are shaping the way the next generation will live, work and be entertained across the region. The appointment of Baholyodhin and the launch of the Sansiri Talks Series are pioneering efforts, a first in the region for a property developer to lead such innovative responses to the changing demands and tastes of a new generation of clients.


Sansiri is moving towards catering for the changing needs of millennials, and incorporating all the different elements into their future projects. With all the exciting projects lined up, Sansiri is ready to construct a new era of living and will set the standard for living design trends for the new generation.

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