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Managing and maintaining your Rental Property in Thailand

Tuesday , 09 October 2018 ARTICLES



Purchasing your dream property is only the beginning of your journey as a new homeowner. Investors who purchase condominiums to rent should note that there are lists of things to be aware of when it comes to condominium maintenance. Maintenance fees for the upkeep of your property include a one-time payment for major maintenance (sinking fund), an annual fee for ongoing maintenance and operations (common fee), as well as installation, insurance and monthly service charges.  From maintenance to the different platforms that come with purchasing a quality Sansiri home, we take a look at the different factors to consider:


Basic Considerations when renting out a property

Property owners need to be aware that maintenance is a key aspect of preserving the lifespan of their property. One of the most important factors is the screening process of choosing the right tenant. There should be open communication channels with tenants in order to be aware of any issue that may arise due to wear and tear or fittings that are damaged for any reason. 


In order to ensure that your property is maintained in the same way it was rented out, you should also make sure that unit inspections are carried out at least twice a year to address any defects that may arise. Handling an issue early can save you on larger expenses that you may potentially incur if a situation is not attended to in time.


Other factors that need to be addressed come in the form of testing of smoke detectors, ensuring that carpets are periodically steam cleaned and walls are layered with a fresh coat of paint every few years. Once again, these factors will contribute towards maintaining your unit and preserving its worth in the long run.



Assistance at your fingertips with the Sansiri Home Service App

Sansiri’s Home Service App provides buyers with a communication tool to interact with our expert team, anytime, from anywhere in the world. Owners are able to receive notification of inspection and repairs through a dedicated team as well as access consultation services on best industry practices in terms of care and maintenance. The platform also provides Sansiri’s detailed Condominium Owner Handbook that will walk you through the steps of caring for your unit. The App is available on the iPhone, iPad, and Android devices.


The service also helps to organise reports on furniture and appliance condition bi-annually,  as well as assistance with consolidating and invoicing utility expenses where necessary. Combined, all these services take a lot of pressure off investors, allowing them to carry on with their everyday lives with the confidence that their property is being taken care of by competent industry professionals.


The service doesn’t stop there. The Sansiri team also assists buyers with renting out properties with long-term leases, handling everything from advertising for the unit to organising viewings and negotiation of lease terms and conditions on behalf of property owners to achieve the best possible deal.


The app will also allow users to enjoy enhanced online shopping experience with special offers from leading partnering brands. The platform will reinforce Sansiri’s position as both a world-class real estate developer and early adopter of technology that captures all aspects of people’s lifestyle.


Additionally, the Sansiri Home Service application has already begun providing residents of certain properties with a number of home automation services like automatic parking lift queuing, Smart Locker control, Smart Move booking, as well as a list of useful telephone numbers and 24-hour chat room to answer customer questions outside regular business hours. The number of properties with these features will only grow over the course of the next few months.


Take the first step in discovering the hassle free rental property process that Sansiri has to offer by speaking to one of our agents here.


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