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Thursday , 26 April 2018 ARTICLES


Now that you have purchased that investment property, the next step is to start monetising it:

Sansiri and Hostmaker have recently announced a partnership which can help make the process of renting your apartment to short-term tenants both seamless and efficient from the get-go. The service, which is coming to Thailand soon, will see all developments under Sansiri’s portfolio come with membership to the globally acclaimed tech-driven service, a first for the Thai real estate industry. Property owners are able to tailor their own pay-as-you-go services that are both cost efficient as well as highly flexible to meet a wide range of needs.

Hostmaker in a Nutshell

Access to the platform comes with a series of unrivalled benefits, the main one being access to a skilled team of property managers that are made up of hospitality industry experts and Airbnb enthusiasts.


Their dedicated professionals are assigned to orchestrate your property’s rental process, garnering up to 30% higher yields compared to other existing listings. It’s all about the know-how to give you that all-important edge over the competition, assisted largely by industry analysts using proprietary analytics to calculate daily pricing reviews.

Attention to the finer details

Hostmaker is a property management service that goes far and beyond what the competition has to offer.


The platform assists with advertising on multiple platforms with professional photography that makes all the difference. It also creates cutting edge listings and even guest relations and vetting of tenants. It provides you with convenience and peace of mind when letting out your property.

The platform also finds its advantage in the offering of premium branded experiences. Hostmaker provides interior design consultancy services with staff rendering 5-star hotel quality services that include the likes of crisp linen, fluffy towels and the personal touch of welcoming of guests to the property.

Thai authority’s stand on short-term rentals

As always, it is important to note regulatory stands in the area in question before partaking in any tenancy agreement.

The Thai Civil and Commercial Code states that “ An owner of a property is entitled to its fruits provided it does not cause problems to other co-owners”. This points to the fact that the practice, although somewhat frowned upon by certain parties, is not a violation of any law. The above acts as reassurance for the partnership between Sansiri and Hostmaker – the relationship between the two fall between regulatory frameworks in Thailand.

In essence, the revolutionary introduction of Hostmaker will remove all the hassle associated with short-term property leasing. One often does not have the time, resources or expertise to market and manage one’s home out to prospective tenants who can potentially cause their own set of issues. If scaled correctly, the short-term market offers unrivalled advantages that include higher yields and flexibility to use the property for your own use as and when necessary.

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