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Sansiri looks forward beyond the market, to reveal ‘The New Normal for Sansiri Living’ vision that residential customers will appreciate post-COVID-19 Presents ‘THE LINE Sukhumvit 101’ as pilot project

星期二 , 26 五月 2020 NEWS

Sansiri looks forward beyond the market, to reveal

'The New Normal for Sansiri Living' vision that

residential customers will appreciate post-COVID-19

Presents 'THE LINE Sukhumvit 101' as pilot project



  • Sansiri announces “The New Normal for Sansiri Living” through five dimensions to create a new experience in Thailand’s real estate market post-COVID-19 
  • “THE LINE Sukhumvit 101” project will be upgraded to present the new definition of the best quality of life for the residents under “The New Normal for Sansiri Living” concept from the project entrance to the common area all the way to the individual units 
  • The combination of “design” and “technology” to provide the utmost attention to cleanliness and to unlock the new experience in the “touchless journey” together with the perfect combination of “work anywhere, anytime” and the new lifestyle 
  • Joining hands with Siri Ventures to upgrade the “Sansiri Home Service Application” to a “Super App” that covers the entire lifestyle spectrum to encompass every aspect, such as to reserve and pay using just one app 
  • Presenting “THE LINE Sukhumvit 101” as a pilot project whose innovative new features will be applied to every present and future ready-to-move-in projects – to accentuate the image of Thailand’s real estate industry leader who is wholly devoted to every lifestyle detail 

Mr. Apichart Chutrakul, Chairman of the Board & Chief Executive Officer of Sansiri Public Company Limited, said, “COVID-19 is comparable to a catalyst for change both in the business and the private sectors. In the real estate business, Sansiri is adjusting to cope with the pandemic as well as the economic condition as efficiently as possible including the ‘speed to market’ marketing scheme, paying close attention to cash flow liquidity and to maintain the balance amongst the four pillars of Sansiri. Also, to take good care of customers through ‘Sansiri Care’ to create confidence and peace of mind in the health and safety standard so as to become ‘top of mind’ brand for customers. Also important is the care and support for employees and the society through ‘Sansiri Care Relief Fund’ and ‘Sansiri Care for All’. Although the situation may take some time to return to normalcy, Sansiri has already taken the initiative to elevate the Company’s standard towards ‘The New Normal for Sansiri Living’ with the five dimensions of the future and to create a new phenomenon in Thailand’ real estate industry.” 



The five dimensions of The New Normal for Sansiri Livingthat has shaken the real estate business 

Sansiri initiated “The New Normal for Sansiri Living” by elevating the five new happenings in the real estate business in regard to operation, real estate project development and aftersales service, to take good care of Sansiri Family members even before the arrival of the changes brought about following the COVID-19 pandemic. 

New Normal in project management and services – To implement the cleaning and sanitising more rigorously, including taking the body temperature of both employees and residents to prevent the possible spread of the disease 

New Normal in residential technology – Fulfill the “Touchless Journey” experience to be more devoted to cleanliness and hygiene 

New Normal in waste management – To implement the safe management of hazardous waste such as used sanitary masks and put in place more efficient and systematic recycling system to cope with food deliveries or online shopping 

New Normal in the design and development of projects – To improve the quality of living by creating the experience that will reduce personal contacts and to seamlessly integrate “work anywhere, anytime” with every leisure lifestyle 

New Normal in residential safety – Through LIV-24, a service that provides real-time security protection from the centralised command centre around the clock for the peace of mind of all residents 

“While ‘New Normal’ is still being interpreted in so many ways, Sansiri has been studying this new phenomenon seriously and is creating the new and genuine future to initiate the standard at ‘THE LINE Sukhumvit 101’ towards the New Normal of residences for the best quality of life for the Sansiri Family, reflecting every dimension of ‘The New Normal for Sansiri Living’ from the project entrance to the common area, all the way to individual units,” Mr. Apichart reiterated.  



THE LINE Sukhumvit 101reflects the definition of the quality of life of the future today 

Mr. Piti Jarukamjorn, Deputy Executive Vice President Condominium Project Development and Strategic Project Management of Sansiri Plc, said, “Sansiri defines residences in the form of ‘The New Normal for Sansiri Living’ and the lifestyle that will be altered permanently. We expect that from now on people will spend more time at home, and we believe that clean and hygienic living spaces will become ‘homes for your peace of mind’. In addition, homes and available amenities will no longer support just the spaces for relaxation, but also must promote ‘productivity’ and support the ‘work anywhere, anytime’ concept. For that, we are applying the definition of the ‘sharing economy’ concept because of the proportionate design of areas, and the consideration of the behaviour that has changed as in social distancing as well as the additional cleaning of the common area before the residents make use of them. At the same time, in residing in the Sansiri Community, we are keen to present the ‘touchless’ living experience to reduce personal contacts and any chance of infection while also elevating the standard of ‘security and safety’ for the peace of mind of the residents as they spend more time at home.” 

Sansiri is keen to present the “New Normal” of living for the highest health and hygiene standard of the Sansiri Family and to top off the perfection of “THE LINE Sukhumvit 101” through the introduction of new additional technology that matches the needs and new behaviour of the residents that stress the importance of health and cleanliness. This starts at the entrance to the project equipped  with the VMS (Visitor Management System) and the entry/exit registration process that requires the scanning of personal ID and recording the visitors’ data, and the installation of automatic doors at five locations to reduce bodily contact plus screening stations at entry points as well as using UV technology to kill bacteria/viruses on the packages before being delivered to residents through Smart Lockers. Automatic alcohol dispensers are also installed in common areas and lift lobby along with the automatic foam and disinfectant dispensers for the cleaning of toilet seats in common toilets. 

“we put great importance on the best quality of life for residents, including the clean and aseptic environment and clean air to create a hygienic and conducive living atmosphere. The UVC system from “Steril Aire” of USA is installed in the central air-conditioning system. This device emits concentrated UVC rays that can kill viruses, bacteria and mould, and is certified by the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE). The system is used in major buildings all over the world including hospitals, pharmaceutical and food production factories, hotels, and in Thailand at Samitivej and Ramathibodi hospitals and St. Regis Hotel,” Mr. Piti added. 

“THE LINE Sukhumvit 101” completely fulfills the needs for hygiene and good health extending to all residential units that are installed with UVC rays in shoe cabinets, UVC air-conditioner steriliser rending the units clean and aseptic. They are also equipped with Well Air by SGC LIVING TECH air quality monitor with smart switch that can control the amount of CO2, VOCs, H2O and temperature to be at their optimum levels to ensure the occupants’ good health. Special TOA paint infused with Silver Nano facilitates easy cleaning and prevents the accumulation of dirt and halt the growth of all bacteria and viruses, thus reducing the contact with harmful elements while perfectly augmenting the full and healthy lifestyle. The specially designed furniture can be adapted and folded according to actual use, while our exclusive service includes the “Sansiri Home Service Application” developed by Siri Ventures. 



Mr. Jirapat Janjerdsak, Chief Technology Officer of Siri Ventures Company Limited,  said, “Since the first wave of the COVID-19 epidemic, Siri Ventures have taken an active role in the development of functions and technology enhancement in the Sansiri Home Service Application to provide the utmost convenience for the residents and to elevate the seamless ‘touchless’ experience’ reflecting ‘The New Normal for Sansiri Living’. This extends from the air quality control in the units to the AQI checks on external air quality, the voice control through “Google Home” to reserve use of common spaces, request repairs and pay fees for utilities, water and electricity and other special services such as delivery service, cleaning service, health service and a variety of other lifestyle needs. In other word, this is the ‘reserve, pay, finish’ for everything within one single app.” 

Mr. Apichart concluded, “THE LINE Sukhumvit 101 is the pilot project to support the change in lifestyle to the New Normal that will help to enhance work anywhere, anytime, social distancing, living lives that underlines health and hygiene and cleanliness, as well as providing the touchless journey life experience that will be adapted for use in all our present and new projects to reflect every dimension of ‘The New Normal for Sansiri Living’ to lift the awareness of being the leader in Thailand’s real estate industry who is truly devoted to every living and lifestyle detail.” 

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