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Here are 3 reasons why property wealth advisors should attend the Sansiri Global Agent Summit 2018

Tuesday , 06 March 2018 ARTICLES


Rising industry standards have changed the role and responsibilities of property agents drastically, as they are now also expected to manage the entire customer journey. This is especially challenging for property wealth advisors that handle overseas property transactions as buyers may not necessary be as familiar with the foreign markets as compared to their home bases.

As property agents strive to go the extra mile to close successful deals, they need to equip themselves with a solid understanding of the buyer’s needs, goals and financial situations, which are considerable factors that will sway or solidify purchase decisions.

In this article, we present you with three reasons why you would not want to miss the Sansiri Global Agent Summit 2018 and how it can help you better brand yourself as a trusted expert on Thai properties.


1.Sansiri is a brand that speaks for itself

With over 34 years of experience and hundreds of projects across Thailand and London,  Sansiri is widely regarded as Thailand’s leading full service real estate developer. The company has been listed on the Stock Exchange of Thailand since 1996 and has won numerous international awards in 2017. They also aim to to revolutionise the standard of future living by an investment USD 80 million to six tech-driven companies. Their steadfast growth with their clear business direction and distinct business acumen will ensure their continued success, establishing a solid foundation for the future.


2. Get first hand news and access to valuable property insights

All invited agents will be privy to inside knowledge on Thailand’s thriving property industry and Sansiri’s exciting roadmap for the coming years; including its latest global investments and the comprehensive services in place to support agents in all capacities. Having built a strong reputation overseas, Sansiri projects have proven to be well received by clients out of Thailand.  The Sansiri Global Agent Summit will definitely help you better plan for your career in the real estate industry, and business development in 2018.

This event is by invitation only. As a specially invited guest, your travel expenses, accommodation, and transportation will all be taken care of by Sansiri.


3.Get to network with exclusive connections through Sansiri’s close-knit partner networks

At the upcoming Sansiri Global Agent Summit held from 15th to 17th March 2018 at Hotel Pullman Bangkok King Power, property wealth advisors can look forward to getting first-hand knowledge from analysts about the performance of Thailand’s property industry, assess information on Thailand’s current economic climate, and how it sits in line with projected GDP (Gross Domestic Product) growth. Attendees can also get clarity about the rules, and regulations regarding foreign investment and visa privileges for property buyers (granted on a case-by-case basis), in order to better serve their clients who wish to invest in overseas property.


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