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Sansiri announced their mission to plant trees for Bangkok under the campaign, Sansiri Tree Story

Friday , 08 July 2022 NEWS

  • The mission to plant trees for Bangkok has been announced by Sansiri in accordance with Governor Chadchart's directive to ‘plant a million trees, create walls and green places to filter dust around the city’.
  • The initial target of planting 20,000 trees is now projected to be surpassed with an estimated 90,000 trees being planted in 2022. This will include over 8,000 trees belonging to a very large type of tree that absorbs 76 tons of carbon dioxide annually and 8,000 are equivalent to 46 location projects. As part of the ‘Sansiri Tree Day’ campaign, Sansiri residents and employees have also been working together to nurture plants in an effort to create a good environment and long-lasting happiness.
  • The "Krungthep Kreetha Community" is the zone with the most trees planted with 16,500 trees, while "Burasiri Krungthep Kreetha", a single house project, is the champion of the horizontal planting project and "XT Phayathai", a condominium project, is the champion of the vertical planting project.
  • The DNA of the "Sansiri Tree Story" is the collection, selection, planting, and preservation of trees. Over the last 10 years, more than 200,000 trees, including 12,000 enormous trees, have been planted, helping Bangkok to absorb an equivalent of up to 114 tons of carbon dioxide per year.
  • For the first time in Thailand, an inspirational tree planting exhibition in the form of both an online and a physical exhibition is to be launched at one of the Sansiri project locations with the help and inspiration of nature lovers and photographers alike by sharing their images of happiness within the project's lush surroundings. Be in the chance to win prizes in the Sansiri Tree Story Photo Contest worth a total of 250,000 Baht.
Mr. Uthai Uthaisangsuk, Chief Operating Officer of Sansiri Public Company Limited said “Sansiri is aware of the environmental issues and the impact of global warming has had on our planet's climate, our lives, and our health. Therefore, we continue to strive to create a sustainable environmental turning point by aiming to be the first net-zero emissions real estate company in Thailand and to create sustainability in all dimensions. Global warming and dust problems from an insufficient amount of trees and green spaces in Bangkok including the problem of PM 2.5 dust is a critical problem that negatively affects the health and daily lives of Bangkok people. In 2021 alone, people in Bangkok had to inhale the same amount of smoke equivalent to smoking 1,261 cigarettes, which is why Sansiri is leading the directive to "Plant a million trees" to create a green area and wall to filter out dust by taking on the mantle of Bangkok Governor, Chadchart Sittipunt’s mission to plant 20,000 trees in Bangkok as quickly as possible.”
Planting and preserving trees to create as much green space in the projects’ locations as possible has been Sansiri's business determination for more than 38 years since its establishment. Starting with the “Sansiri Tree Story”, a green space and tree management model applied to their sustainable projects under the standpoint of collecting - choosing - planting - keeping large trees, Sansiri works in collaboration with Plus Property, which manages the projects and helps maintain the trees to grow sustainably by receiving training from professional arborists to then be able to pass on the value of tree care to residents of Sansiri and maintain the value of green spaces that can be passed onto future generations. More than 200,000 trees have been planted by Sansiri in more than 100 Sansiri projects, particularly in the last 10 years. Out of these 200,000 trees, more than 12,000 big trees have been planted, each of which removes the equivalent of more than 114 tons of carbon dioxide per year. Along with the preservation of more than 1,000 huge trees on the original properties, other businesses that Sansiri has invested in now share this ecologically beneficial DNA including the Standard Hotel Hua Hin, where it maintains more than 200 huge trees on the property and has planted more than 3,000 new ones.
Mr. Uthai continued by saying that “Sansiri’s Bangkok tree planting mission had originally set a target of 20,000 trees but we believe that planting trees and establishing as much green space as possible is excellent for Sansiri residents and Bangkokians as well as helping to minimize global warming, which is an issue of the global population crisis. Because of this, Sansiri plans to plant roughly 90,000 trees in 2022, including more than 8,000 big trees, which will help to offset an equivalent of 76 tons of carbon dioxide annually. This number is the result of Sansiri planting trees in 46 new project locations and collaborating with residents and Sansiri employees in each project including promoting and participating in "Sansiri Tree Day" - planting trees for sustainability. In order to improve the climate for everyone this August and further into 2022, it will record the perennials' growth and amass Oxygen Points.”
Sansiri's residential zone with the most trees in 2022 is "Krungthep Kreetha Community", comprising Narasiri, Burasiri, Bukan and common roads where more than 16,500 trees have been planted. The horizontal project with the most trees planted in 2022 is "Burasiri Krungthep Kreetha", which will be launched in August. By planting more than 300 trees and 8,000 other types of trees, the condominium project that planted the most trees is "XT Phayathai" with 110 large trees and more than 1,500 other types of trees.
Mr. Uthai explained about the Sansiri Tree Story Photo Contest saying that Sansiri wanted to be a part of a society that inspires the people of Bangkok and all Thai people to plant more trees. By organizing the Sansiri Tree Story Photo Contest, the Sansiri family and the general public can share and participate in the photo contest’s happy moments in the many green areas of ??the Sansiri project locations to win prizes up to 250,000 Baht. The final selected photos will be showcased at an inspirational tree planting exhibition that will be held for the first time in Thailand in the form of an online exhibition and physical exhibition at one of Sansiri's project locations soon.
Those interested in joining the Sansiri Tree Day Photo Contest can share a picture of their “Happy Tree Story moment, my happiness in the green natural environment” at Sansiri's project locations to win a prize of more than 250,000 Baht until 31 July, 2022. For more details please visit As for the Sansiri family, those who want to join the Sansiri Tree Day planting project, and would also like to keep a log of the trees to track the number of oxygen increases in Bangkok, you can bring a cloth bag to pick up a total of 500 free seedlings every Saturday and Sunday at Pongyo Sansiri Backyard throughout this August. For more details please visitแสนสิริเพื่อสิ่งแวดล้อม.
Together let's make a significant environmental shift that will ensure long-term happiness and a sustainable future for Bangkok.
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