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Sansiri unveils ‘The Monument Sanampao’ The premium 1.5BillionBaht project

Wednesday , 06 May 2015 NEWS


Sansiri has once more underscored its leading status at the forefront of the market for upper-class condominium projects along the routes of BTS Skytrain and in highly desirable business district locations with the launch of ‘The Monument Sanampao’. The high-rise, 24-storey, 1.5-Billion-Baht residential condominium masterpiece is located on a prime land plot right on Phahonyothin Road, merely 300 metres from BTS Sanampao Station. It also excels in terms of privacy and exclusivity with only 86 well-appointed units in total. Developed under the concept ‘The Monument to Generations’, each and every residence here is a prized heritage which can be proudly passed down from generation to generation. The ‘Sanampao-Phahonyothin’ neighbourhood is also an important residential and business district, as well as, is home to major government offices. Demands for quality residential projects in this area have surged consistently over the years and so have the prices for land plots suitable for residential developments. Sales of ‘The Monument Sanampao’ commence on 16th May 2015, with prices starting at 10.9 Million Baht.

Sansiri Plc., revealed that, “The Monument Sanampao, an exciting new 1.5 Billion Baht premium residential condominium complex, will be the first condominium project launched this year by Sansiri. The new project follows the successes of ‘The Vertical Aree’ and ‘ONYX by Sansiri’ – two similar premium condominium projects located on Phahonyothin Road which have previously been sold out. Sales of ‘The Monument Sanampao’ are scheduled to commence on 16th May 2015, with prices starting at 10.9 Million Baht. The project is anticipated to receive very warm welcome from enthusiastic buyers just like all other Sansiri’s condominiums along the routes of BTS Skytrain such as SIRI at Sukhumvit, The Vertical Aree, PYNE by Sansiri and ONYX by Sansiri.”
“With over 30 years of experience and expertise in developing premium-class condominiums and our reputation as the leader in condominium projects along the routes of BTS Skytrain, we are confident that The Monument Sanampao will be yet another great success. Poised to become Sansiri’s residential condominium masterpiece on Phahonyothin Road, The Monument Sanampao exudes both privacy and exclusivity with only 86 units in total. Only 300 metres from BTS Sanampao Station, the project is located right at the heart of this well-established Phahonyothin neighbourhood with decades of proud history. Today, Phahonyothin area is home to top companies and office buildings, as well as, various international restaurants including ones with long-inherited traditional recipes not to be found elsewhere. Besides, a host of chic cafes and trendy stores are dotted along this important road, making it one of Bangkok’s hippest hangout districts. Here, we aim to offer Bangkok’s cosmopolitan lifestyle at its best.”
“The Sanampao-Phahonyothin neighbourhood has emerged as a new prime residential area due to its close proximity to various important locations including offices of major government agencies, residential quarters of military officers, politicians and highly influential and respected families. Today, land plots suitable for condominium developments in downtown Phahonyothin Road from Sanampao to Soi Aree are very hard to find, especially the ones located right on the main Phahonyothin Road. On average, in a year, we see only one such new condominium project in this area, even though quite a few new smaller condominiums can still be found deeper inside various winding Sois along Phahonyothin Road. The majority of land plots in this area are owned by office buildings, government agencies, the ‘Channel 5’ TV Channel and the military offices. Besides, people who have lived in this area for a long time do not want to relocate due to the conveniences and serenity this area offers. Therefore, chances are very limited to find a suitable land plot for a major condominium development.”
“However, demands for high-quality residential properties in this area remain high because the location appeals to a lot of people. It offers so many aspects desired by a modern urban lifestyle. These are the reasons why new condominium projects in this area are often sold out fast. We are therefore confident that The Monument Sanampao will receive a very warm welcome from enthusiastic prospective buyers – just like our other condominium projects along the BTS Skytrain routes did before.”, added Sansiri.

Developed under the concept ‘The Monument to Generations’, each and every residence at The Monument Sanampao has been painstakingly built to be a prized heritage which can be proudly passed down from generation to generation. The high-rise, 24-storey, 86-unit project is located on a beautiful land plot of over 1 rai in size, right on Phahonyothin Road. Unit types available range from 1-Bedroom of 46.25 sq.m. to Penthouse of 140.25 sq.m. in size.
From well-designed overlapping arches in front of the building to exterior random lighting system that gives the building its unmistakable looks, meticulous attention to detail is evident in virtually all aspects of The Monument Sanampao’s architectural splendour. The estate’s facilities are also among the industry’s best and most comprehensive in its segment. Superb facilities include The Lobby Lounge, The Yoga Room, The Theatre Room,  The Tea Room, The Library, The Private Massage Room, The Steam Room and The Social Lounge. The two top floors, 23rd  and 24th rd , are designed to be a tranquil vertical garden that provides a serene sanctuary away from the hustle and bustle of the outside world. The Panoramic Exercise Room above the rooftop Swimming Pool is embraced by a vast variety of, making you feel totally relaxed even while working out. Such a comprehensive range of first-class facilities will undoubtedly make the cosmopolitan lifestyle at The Monument Sanampao so much more enjoyable… so much more desirable.

The Tea Room

The Library
For more information about The Monument Sanampao, please visit or Tel. 1685. 
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